DI potable?

Silly question, but can I drink the water coming out of my DI tank?

Not recommended. It will strip your body over time of vitamines and minerals from my understanding. Also, apparently di doesn’t take out dangerous micro organismes, or at least I think that’s what I read. That said, I was so thirsty one time I did drink a little. I felt a little more dehydrated after, but at least my mouth wasn’t so dry.:roll_eyes:

I wouldn’t but RO water is delicious and won’t suck the life out of you!

I’ve heard from a maintenance guy that pipes he’s worked on in a manufacturing plant periodically get eaten out and have to be replaced because of the large amount of di water that flows through them. I can’t speak to the truth of that but if DI water wants to draw minerals off the window it’ll probably do the same to your guts.

the other issue is the water is sitting in the tank in between uses, bacteria, organisms etc living in it, threats of legionnaire’s disease as well. I think the issue is more what’s growing in the unsanitary tank more than DI water itself

you wouldn’t drink water out of a bucket that’s been sitting in your garage for days type of thing

even if the water is flowing thru at the time you drink it, it’s whats growing/sitting on all the pipes/tubes.resin etc bacteria wise that’s dropping into your water stream you’re drinking

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the systems we use for purifying water have no funtion to remove bacteria, in fact they can harbour it. that is main reason not to drink it. having said that i have had lots of it over the last few years.

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I had just posted about the microorganisms, and later that day I was on the roof of a commercial building and I had forgotten my water on the ground. I really didn’t want to go back down, so that DI water started to look really good. :rofl: I resisted and eventually took a break from cleaning skylights to get some water.

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Ok thanks. I’ll stick to dumping some on my head.

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