Di system

Is there a place I can go to on the web to find out how to make a di water system at home?

Yeah, check out this link…


And you can buy your resin here:


Welcome to the board! Lexington, Kentucky?

Is there one that will show you how to make one out of pvc pipe?

There may be internet directions for such a set up somewhere. Are you have spacial issues and so cannot use “regular” tanks?

No. I just am looking to make one. I need it to mount to my wall at my house to fill up my 425 gal water tank.

You know you can rent a tank for around 25 dollars a month in most places, right? That includes resin.

Yes but alot of times they will be out and I have to put off jobs and that will make me have to put jobs off.

This link may be able to find you a dealer in your area who may have a larger supply of DI tanks that can help you.


If that doesn’t help you here’s what I would do…

You can buy the tanks right from WCR.


Then you could replace resin when it’s spent. In fact, you could order resin with one of these tanks, where when the resin that is supplied with them went bad, you could replace it with no waiting at all. Then order more resin so you wouldn’t have to wait then.

What’s the TDS in your area look like?

If you’re just filling a tank you could go w/ a Merlin RO. It might get the TDS down to an acceptable level. If not a quick DI polish and you’re ready to go. WCR sells the Merlin and a half cubic foot DI tank.

I tried that,… waste of time and effort to be honest. It didn’t work well at all!

Personally I wouldn’t rent tanks. But one,… they’re cheap enough. Keep a spare bag of resin at home for when the TDS goes up,…

If you can spare a few extra $$$, buy 2 DI tanks and have a twin DI setup. The Twin setup will reduce your resin costs by approx 30%.