DI tank orientation question

So my first DI Tank was reading 030ppm last Friday, it needed to be changed.
What is weird though, is that I don’t find that it last me that long… The water here is pretty good and is ranging between 070-085ppm. For sure there is chlorine and I should probably add a Carbon Filter to get a little more out of my DI.

But I don’t use my WF system on daily basis… in terms of hours of usage, I would say around 12-15 hours. Then the ppm started to creep up.

My DI filter is laying on its side and is attached to Gardena quick-connects on each each to accept my garden hose. Now i read on the forum that there would be a problem using a EZpure DI filter while on its side. Is that true? [I][B]Should I convert my setup to be used vertically?[/B][/I] [I][B]Is there an official “IN” and “OUT”[/B][/I] on these filter or it doesn’t matter at all how you plug the filters???..

Now I’m trying 2 DI filter, one after the other, to see if it’ll last longer. I Noticed though that when I unplug my quick-connect from the inlet of my filter, there is a pressured water that comes out of the filter for about 2 seconds… Is this bad? [I][B]Should I install a valve to prevent the water from getting out of the filter?[/B][/I]

I can’t speak for the EZ pure cartridges, but in general, your DI should be vertical. The resin becomes exhausted in layers, and if it is turned on its side, it will exhaust much more quickly. I also believe that the resin is more effective if the water is flowing UP, as the more contaminated resin stays at the bottom, and doesn’t seep down into cleaner resin below it; (anyone, please correct me if I’m wrong).

So my suggestion would be: keep your cartridge vertical at all times, and attach your water supply to the bottom of the cartridge, and your pole hose to the top. Concerning water coming out of your cartridge: try to keep the flow in the same direction- so perhaps disconnect the pole hose first, then your supply hose. I’ve had issues with resin back flowing into my supply line if I lose pressure on that end. The EZ pure is no doubt built better than my setup, but It wouldn’t hurt to put a check valve before your cartridge to prevent any back flow.

Alex is absolutely right. The DI cartridge on the EZ pure has a bag inside so the resin will not flow out the inlet or outlet. If you plan to use DI only you should use the Caddy by RHG. Holds more resin and can be used horizontal. The DI cartridge on RO units is designed for a very low TDS therefore has very little resin. Sometimes your water will channel in the resin cartridge and does not get enough time to remove the minerals. Just shake it a little

The RHG DI cartridges can be used in any direction. Ideally vertical would be the orientation of choice, but that is often not possible.

I would not suggest using our 21" DI cartridge as a stand alone filter as it was designed for low TDS areas or especially in conjunction with the RHG RO Membranes as the membranes bring down the inlet TDS by around 90% before hitting the DI making the DI last much longer.

As for the inside of the RHG DI its not a bag, but there are 2 filters internally that keep the resin from coming out of it.

Thank you for all the ideas. Next time, I’ll add a carbon filter to remove the chlorine, which i’m sure is high in my area…

I’m really not trying to offend anyone by saying this, but the EZPure DI cartridge I bought last year was spent in maybe 3 jobs. I imagine it is supposed to be paired with other filters in a system.

When I took it apart to loot it for parts, there was only about 1/8 cubic foot of resin in it. No wonder it didn’t last.

EDIT: If you dont want to shell out the money for a big system, get the 1/2 cubic foot DI tank from here… so worth the money and lasts months before its spent.

I agree, i like the Ezpure system. But it defiantly seems like i’m burning through the DI cartridges. For now I’ve just been using it on selective jobs, but sometime after just a few hours the cartridges is spent. And they are not cheap.

Personally i would like to see a cartridge i could refill myself.

I got a year of usage out of mine before i had to change it. Just replaced the resin last week. The guys are 100% correct. Keep it upright at all times. If you must tilt it, no more than a 30 deg angle. Also add a carbon filter if you can. I dont use mine every day either but very happy with the amount of glass i cleaned before it needed service. Good luck to you

Hello Gents,

Came accross this topic so have just logged onto the forum and hope you don’t mind me asking this question.

I have been testing something similar if not the same Ezpure system and have encountered a problem and just want to ask if anyone has found the same issue.

What I have found after a period of time the resin cartridge does not fit as tight into the housing. This results in tap water mixing with pure.

Has anyone else found this.



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