DI tank size

What’s the best size for a DI tank that will remain in the bed of my truck?

The Most common… are 1/2 and Full cube.

1/2 Cubes are about knee high

Full cubes are about waste high…

What might be the advantage of the 1/2 cube if it stays in the truck? Btw, I’ll be leasing one, not buying.

I am not sure you can lease 1/2 cub. you may find it is cheaper to buy one then rent one. the places I called all wanted $200 a month to rent a 1 cub. tank + deposit.

Bill, did the $200 a month include recharging,
Ps, I saw one of your guys at Back Bay T station a few weeks back, or at least some one wearing a Tollins Window Cleaning T-shirt

that was $200 per regen not $200 per month sorry I miss spoke. I have one guy who lives in Revere beach and the T is cheaper then gas. If you need DI or a tank our secret location is in Boston & we have the cheapest regen around

I have two large DI tanks, 48in high with a circumference of about 20 inches, I will be looking to get recharged at some stage, the resin is quite old though and has been sitting for about 12 years so Im not sure if its still rechargable

If the DI has been sitting around that long I would trash it. We have some regen for $200 per cub. I would guess you need 2 cub.

That price is with shipping so its a little less then that. Right Here

you should get this size. See picture below

my tds is around 500ppm and i get about 500 gallons out of that tank. It last me about 5 or 6 weeks.

So with a TDS of about 45, roughly how long should a 1 cube DI tank last?

I don’t have my book in front of me but I would say between 1500-2000 gal.

The information we have states that 1 cube should produce approximately 2200 gallons of water at a 100TDS.