DI tank users

Does anyone know of a gallon counter / water meter that can be plumed inline to measure usage ?


IPC comes with them but easily found online.

Can reduce flow somewhat, not really big deal especially if you have a pump


For those that use the Gardena fittings this could be practical


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thanks guys
I went with this



@Squeegeewc Aren’t those like $200? Seems pretty pricey for a simple DI tank.

They’re more like $500 brand new I got one refurbished

Wow… That about what 2 cubes of resin costs. I guess you REALLY wanted a meter.

I got one of these last year for my power wash trailer. A little bulky, but sure beats $200, and no batteries required. I’ve put around 11,000 gallons through it so far.

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I’m really curious to know why you wanted that meter. Not judging because I don’t care how you spend your money but what was it about that meter that motivated you to spend that much money on such a non-essential part?

i charge by the gallon and need an accurate resettable metering device

Well, now, that is interesting. Learn something new every day.

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Why, are you selling them water?

I test my DI water with one of them water testers every week or so to see where the filter is at PPM. I call this the “poor man’s meter”.

I bought a simple inline unit from a salt water aquarium set up. I can check with a push of the button. I’ve been real pleased with it.

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