DI water? Not very Safe if you ask me

I carry 1 full cube DI tank, and today I was bleeding my lines because I been noticing air in my tanks and bubbles ect…

Well, my tank spewed a bit of water on my Red Truck… And I can say it burned my Clear coat… Its a water spot but it wont come off… Its like a cloud very hazy… I’ll take some pictures of it… But to me its permanent damage, I will have my Auto detail guy see it tomorrow and try to buff if out if thats even a possibility…

Wowza. Keep us updated.

I thought some guys use pure water on cars so they dry spotless no?

They do, my guy washed and rinses my truck with pure water…

I’m just posting so guys don’t get too comfortable using it around cars much less high end cars

I don’t get it. If it left a permanent spot on your ride how does it not ruin other cars? Just curious.

I literally wash my truck with DI water.

I sold the first DI tank I owned to my buddy, who uses it to professionally detail cars worth more $$$$ than most of our homes.

The rest of the story, please?

I have no idea, Its my tank in particular that I’m worried about…

How did it happen? I have no idea… Here are some pics…

This happened right before my eyes…

Wow. Crazy s…t.

We also wash our trucks and cars with DI and that has never happened.

Is it possible that spot was already there and its just a coincidence. There is no reason that would happen.

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No, this is a Show Truck… It gets waxed 1 time per month rarely sees day light… I had to use it today because my trucks in service…

Im not to worried, Its ok… Its just a lesson… Rather it be my car than a clients…

Could it have been a reaction to the wax?

Let’s see the truck. Love show trucks.

Could be! Thinking about it

Nice! What year?

94’ Production number #621

Its a Lightning, has a 351 Windsor Gt40 intake/heads… I just added a Vortech Supercharger


Thank you, I’m huge when it comes to cars/trucks… Personally, Woman and Vehicles to me are precious… Lol

As they should be.