Did Nobody Catch This?

I just decided to look at the ‘New Products’ page in the store. I see all these products made by Sorbo.
Is this for real, Alex? Or is it a very early April Fool’s joke? I do like the end clips! I only had two left!

It’s for real Dan. I ordered sorbo stuff about month ago :slight_smile:

I missed it! I’m shocked there was no to-do about this. It’s historic!

You missed the 7 other threads, the sorbo ultimate kit giveaway, and all the freebies?

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I guess so! Not sure how. I probably miss 3-5 days a year getting on the site.

Yea this news has caused me to go from three suppliers to one…wcr

im happy to see sorbo and I hope it’s working for Chris & Co. as well

Eh, this is where i get frustrated…
Yesterday they were POS, today everything is kittens and rainbows. :rolleyes:

[U][B]For the record:[/B][/U]
Dear Sorbo.
You had me as a customer for 15 years, and then you lost me because of your attitude towards WCR,
I’ll stick to my guns with this.

Truly hope you find more customers with your recent relinquishment, but it’s too late for me.

Can I buy your left over Sorbo products? :slight_smile:

lol. I was just thinking…“man, I still have a ton of rubber left.” :smiley:

If their answer had been “sorry, we’re loyal to our current suppliers” I would think nothing of it.

  • I’d respect that.

But the quotes that were provided changed my mind.
Unprofessionalism is unprofessionalism, and I’m happy to be in a position to still say “F Sorbo.”

You sent me 8’ a few years ago. Thanks again!

I have a bunch of the roll stuff from Sorblo. Anybody need it?

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I liked the channels, not as much as I like the end clips though.

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