Can some body explain to me the difference between a “hit” and a “host”

when in the statistics section of my website?

I have had 18 hits in 4 minutes and 2 hosts>


A hit is anytime someone goes to your website (although if they refresh the page, that will be counted as a hit as well). I just looked up what the Host is. It’s how many different IP addresses visit you website. So basically how many different computers check out your site.

So it looks like you had two different people searching through you website, each loading an average of 9 pages.

so when they go to any page, that counts as ONE hit…if they go to another page, that is another hit?

I have 10 pages…so 1 guy may log 10 hits but 1 host?

That’s about it. Anytime someone reloads something on your site (even hitting the refresh button) it will count as a hit. So going to a different page would count as a hit.
This is still useful info. You can tell if people are browsing you site or just seeing the first page and then moving on. If they’re browsing… you got a good site!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

what is your sites url?

Since I’m assuming your site is brand new, most of those hits will be you checking it out, making sure things look/work right. Other hits are often bots from search engines.

Hey, like Doug asked, what’s the site. Peoples gotsta know!

Actually, a “hit” is a request to present a piece of information on the webpage from your server.

So…for instance, on this very webpage you are looking at right now, to build a SINGLE webpage like this, the server is getting hit maybe 20 times, for all the pics and stuff that are needed to build the webpage.

Thats why “we promise 1,000,000 hits!” is really extremely deceiving, because a tiny percentage of that number is the true number of unique visitors.

More important than “hits” are “unique visitors” and how long they hang around your website, and where they like to go.

Thanks Kevin

Phil , end the mistery and share !!! :slight_smile: