Direct mail cost

how much do you guys usually spend to do a direct mail?

Do you have a service do the work for you, such as labeling and address, or do you hand address them?

Watch Chris’s interview with Kevin on the naked window cleaner website.

Made me get all tingly inside the amount of money I am about to start saving.

ya i have watched that but i cant understand what either on is talking about. It sounded like they where talking about mailers and than it sounded like door to door.

Can someone elaborate

Somehow when the video got encoded it got all scrambled up…


sure summarize? Or just some info on how other people handle sending out postcards, how they pay for postage, how they label them.

I can have them printed easy, i just want to get a good postage rate like a direct mail company would.

Hire a service like-

or whomever. Have them do all the work (don’t forget to get a list of ideal prospects to have them mail to)

I would advise not using anything smaller than a 5 x 7 postcard (jumbo is best).

Direct mail fails more often than not because of a horrible offer (or no offer), bad list, or just bad.

Post it before you mail it to get some insightful opinions.

Also one thing to look at, post card campaigns usually work after the 4th or 5th mailings to the same prospect, it takes multiple mailing to get some clients, well worth the investment though

ya i know, but hopefully each time you send a mailing your getting some kind of return?

You should be getting a return, but getting customers costs money… lots. You can stimulate a better return with a better offer. You will need to compel them to try your service (or at least get a FREE quote).

Almost every restaurant has coupons, even high end. I have tried countless restaurants exclusively because of a coupon. A lot of which I now go back to again and again.

It costs to get a good customer and it’s cheap to keep them…

You may not need to send 4 mailings to raise the response rate. It is much like fliers. How many people on here pass out fliers to an area over and over and over, then finally they call? They usually say “I have never seen your fliers before” :eek:

you missed all 50!?

oh, I would plan around $1000 to get your feet wet.

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