Direct mail prices?

I had a guy call me after seeing the sign on the back of my truck offering to do some direct mailing for me as he ownes a direct mail company. Is 10,000 houses for $450 dollars sound about right? he said they are printed in color on 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paper. I had him make me a sample gutter cleaning mailer that i am attempting to attach any help would be great as for what to change or what to add to the flyer this is my first mailer so I have no clue where to start.

Do you have to provide your own list?

Never mind… That’s one of those ValPack Coupon things. Do they go to your target demographic? Do you think your target demographic even opens those?


he never indicated it was in a value pack probably why it seemed so cheap compared to other things i have looked at.

Beware of these Money Mailer guys. I inquired about them last summer. The guy made up a nice flier like yours, sent me the proof. Before I could say Yes or No (BTW I was gonna deny it because of other marketing at that time), he had already approved it on his own and sent me the bill for $450. He also proceeded to say that I was going to get four months at that price. And that he wanted my CC number to be billed each month. I told him that he was a little too aggressive and that I wanted no such advertising. I paid him for the original, only because it netted me about a $1000 worth of work.

This may be a totally isolated incident with me. Maybe the Money Mailer in your area is a straight-kinda guy. Just my “Two-Sense”. Good Luck!

no he is the same way very pushy hes called me about 6 times in the last 24 hours

If he keeps calling even after you told him no. Do what I do. I tell them (sales guys) I have stuff to do around the office but would like them to tell me how the program works again. I put them on speaker and let them ramble on. Then I tell them I did not hear the last part and make them go over the pitch again. Then I tell them there must be a problem with my phone cause I missed 1/2 the pitch. By the 3rd or 4th time they get the idea or they want to call me on a differant phone. I then give them the wifes cell and go over the process all over again. Sooner or later they get the idea that I’m not going to buy. I love wasteing the time of pushy sales guys. I do this alot. Two weeks ago I got a sales call early morning. It really ****ed me off. I woke up, researched the company, got their mainline an called them about 50 times. Everytime the person answered I yelled in the phone as loud as I could “You telemarker scum FU” after about 2 hours the manager got on the phone and told me they were going to press charges for harassment lol. I told him I would be waiting for the police to come take me away, hung up an called back lol.

If you netted $1000 worth of work why would you not continue?

Spend $450 to get $1000???

Why would he continue.

The ROI sucks.

Mailing fliers to a selected 10,000 people once definitely isn’t the way to go IMO. People have to get to know your company. Marketing definitely isn’t cheap. $10,000 homes isn’t really that many at all especially when cleaning residential windows, the ROI isnt as good as a lot of other services due to lower labor costs.

I’ve paid about $300 a month for a coupon that goes out to 10,000 home and it has definately been worth it. The key is to continue with that advertisement to the same 10,000 homes for many months down the road so that the customers will start to recognize your company. It took a few months before my ad really started bringing in some dough. But now I don’t think I will stop it until I have more work than I can handle. The more times people see it, the more people that will use it.

depends on what types of homes the piece is going to. for example… what is the income level of the homeowners… make sure you dont get screwed and he sends them to just anyone or anywhere

Now thats some funny s…t right there, I dont care who you are.

I’m not too keen on the flyer…i mean it hasn’t even got a company name on it, which to some people may seem a bit dodgy…i would say that this chap has templates for different industries, and just alters the phone number and contact details.

Also if any sales guys ever annoy you in regards of services just say sorry we’ve gone into liquidation, or out of business and i assure you they won’t want anything to do with you…


I am a little late for this party, but my interest has been peaked.

My question is how does this guy make any money from you? At .04 per piece to print and deliver is crazy. But let’s say that you check this company out and they are legit. Let’s say he is using zip codes as his list (as it is cheap to do) and you pick the zip codes.

Take all of that in account… $400 to get in front of 10,000 people is a STEAL! That makes passed out fliers look like mailing a package UPS in terms of cost.

Successful business and struggling business are separated by one thing, handling internal economics. If I got 10 jobs from that mailer I would go skipping down the road and create mailers #2-12, know why? Getting customers is expensive. (never believe anyone saying anything different)

Everyone seems stuck on the “this for that” theory. Let me explain- Most small businesses bumble along seeing only what is right in front of them. Let’s take that 10 new customers. Some would think “$40 a customer?” or “only 10 calls out of 10,000 cards?” “Screw that!”

Yep, they are the guys with the teeny companies with 0 growth.

Let’s say you had an average gross sale of $200. You grossed $2000 for $400 worth of advertising, right? wrong. It is far better than that- you now have 10 new customers and everyone they know in your circle. Even if you just manage to keep 5 with no referrals and they get a service only once a year for 3 years you’ve grossed $4000! (what if they go twice a year and each give one referral!)

It is vital to realize that in business total customer value is accounted for. I rarely talk to business owners that have that vision.

Worst case scenerio is you get burned for $400. You could just as easy send out an ineffective postcard or YP ad and lose a lot more.

p.s. I did not look at the ad you made, make sure it has a solid offer and make sure your company name is on it.

There is a lot of good advice on this site, but from my perspective, 30 years in marketing, Octopus and CFP have hit the nail on the head. I used to teach a course in aadvertising for small business owners and there’s not enough space here to go into all the details, but if you have an effective ad and it’s in front of a qualified audiance, then keep it runnning. The rule of thumb is a prospect will see your ad 5 times before responding to it.
For those of you old enough to remember when AOL started, well they charged about $18 a month, but would spend $75 or more to get a customer. You have to look at the lifetime value of a new client, not just the first sale.