Direct Mail Printing

I was looking at VistaPrint and they offer a service for printing the 4x6 card and mail it for you for $.23 I think…Does someone use VistaPrint for direct mail, or anything.

I’m kinda a believer in supporting local people because local business is good for the entire community, BUT if VistaPrint could knock out the 4x6 card, sort it, mail it and you can even buy a mailing list!..sounds like time saved to bang it out.

Let me know how it works out for you…

As much money as I have spent on postcard stamps and printing. I should own USPS stock.

Speaking of…

For me to label and stamp 500 black ink cards with a $0.27 stamp cost me about $200 and several hours.

Mostly because I get my own list from the county assessors website. But also I taught myself how to type. I know strippers that can type faster than me. :rolleyes:

So… uploading my own list of addies. For $30 more per mailing I can have someone else do all the labeling and they come in full color on one side.

VistaPrint is DEFINITELY worth it.

That’s just with my calculations… who knows.:confused:

hey Matt if you havent ordered your post cards yet pm me I know of a place out here that you can get 5000 4x6 postcards for about 140.00 bucks. They do super good quality work too.

whats up big b, did u get my email??

AHHH, that’s funny.

Order a sample packet from and you wont be disappointed. They’ll send it to you free of charge. Their stuff looks amazing.

BTW, I’ve used VistaPrint many times and they’ve always delivered a nice product. The glossy postcards don’t have as thick of a coating as what the materials from have.

Thanks Brennon

I’ve used 3 postcard companies over the years. They are:

Decent price breaks when buying 5000 at a clip. And their cards are a good thickness at 14pt.


Could you please give me that info as well. Will they work with me here in RI?