Direct Mail

I am looking for a print house. Someone to print our direct mail pieces for the year. Anyone have any favorites? Or recommendations?

In 2008, I’ll be using this one for big-run printing:

How does that compare with I placed an order there yesterday for a logo shirt and 1,000 coloured business card. At first glance bosslogo looks expensive. But I’m new to all this.

I am using local print shop in town. They are very good and affordable. I priced postcards the other day and they were 1000 4x6 printed both sides in full color- $125.00.
They are also in the process of getting me prices for colored fliers.


You can’t go wrong with VistaPrint when you are able to take advantage of there FREE specials. I don’t ever order anything from them at full price.

500 full color cards front and back cost me about $45
50 oversized full color front and back cost me about $15
350 4 x 6 post cards cost about $30

Just watch for their deals.

Yup, what Brennon said!

For big runs, bosslogo has unbeatable pricing.

for a good print house in the GTA ive used: for larger amounts, very good customer service, excellent quality printing.

Define “big run”.

I got 8000, 8.5X11 full gloss, full color, on 80lb stock fliers printed and shipped to me last year for around the $700 mark. The customer service was great, and the quality was superb from

Then what did you do with them? Direct mail?

Door to door hand delivery is the way i do it.

How long did it take you to hand out 8000 flyers:eek:? and What was the response?

Because of a late printing, and it featured a spring special price, i only got 1000 out and that generated approx 200 jobs from it, so i have the rest to hand out this year, on time and hoping for the same percentage of response!

I’ve never heard of a 20% return! What Spring price got that response and do you have a copy of the flyer that I could look at?:smiley:

Crazycleaner has some good stuff. His wife is a graphic designer. He does everything in full color too! Im not surprised in the kind of ROI he gets from his materials.


Wow that’s unbeliveable. Did you do anything else to garner such a good response. Did you knock on their door a few days later. Or look them up on Canada411 and call them?

actually, the flier is posted on the NWCD forum ,do a search to find it. If i had to re-do the flier i would. I think what got the huge response was the fact that nobody had ever seen a flier like it before. I should clarify though too. I ended up with approximately that many jobs, all originating with the flier, but id say a good 50 or more were referrals too from people that received the flier. But still i found it to be a huge ROI. It was very simple, some nice clear pictures of me cleaning windows on a house, some bright colors, flowers, and the words “professional window cleaning” followed by my special starting rate $79.00. in small print it was explained that that was a starting rate for a very basic home with no ladder work and no extras. I did i think 2 jobs at that rate all summer. I even managed two $750 jobs off that flier. Basically it was a flier that some would have thought would never work. True price had a factor in grabbing attention, but it worked to get the calls in! ALSO, lots of people held onto the flier even until fall, and called me, i just explained that the special rate was only during spring, and to read the small print. Literally if i passed fliers out say for one hour after cleaning the windows on someones house, when i got home, id have at least one call waiting. most the jobs ranged in at around $120-$160 because the market isn’t the greatest in this small town, but still it adds up. This boom in the spring and summer is followed by months of almost no work in the winter, except storefront.

We did the 20 exterior window thing for 79.00 last summer. Huge hit. I believe that it got alot of attention because people in general think that window cleaning is expensive (residential I might add). Like I said. It was a huge hit. I showed the flyer to my wife before it went to the printer. I remember her saying “79.00 for 20 exterior windows? Thats too cheap Steve” I told her that it was actually more than i was currently charging. I only had 1 person actually have me clean only 20 windows. The rest wanted all of the exteriors and some wanted the interiors done too. I will definately run the promo again this year. Ive got the artwork saved so its ready to go. Just burn to a Cd and drop it off at the print shop.


I remember that flyer, that was the first one like that that I’d ever seen.

That’s a beautiful flyer.