Dirty Jobs

Heads up

Mike Rowe will be doing some high rise WC in Hawaii the next episode.
I guess is next Tuesday, not sure, that’s gonna look sweet on HD !

Didnt they have that episode on before about a year ago?

I cant wait to see it. :smiley:

On that one he was doing hi rise work in Wisconsin. Now that’s a dirty job!:wink:

I heard about that! Awesome!

I want to clean window in Hawaii =(

Thanks for the post.

I’m surpised there is not much more talk about this. I recorded the show and I have to say it was very very entertaining and educational. I loved seeing the woman window cleaner. I have a woman helper for the last 6 months and she has turned out to be the best helper I have ever had. Show was really cool and everyone did a class A job representing the industry. Way to go World Wide.

My favorite part was the high rise haircut!:smiley:

Yeah that was funny. When they were coming down I told my wife. “Notice most of them have buzz cuts so they dont get their hair caught in the rigging” She looked at me an said “That dont happen stop being stupid”. 1 min later it happend lol. I was so happy like I was vindicated in the disagreement lol. I give mike big probs for doing it. I always wonder what they charge for those jobs. Last year I was in NYC and could not really enjoy myself until the nighttime. I was counting windows in buildings and then trying to calculate a price. It drove my family crazy “Oh that one has 500 windows man even at my $10 per window price I would never go up there cause it’s just not enough.” I would have to charge $1000.00 per window, guess thats one reason why I’m not doing highrise lol.