What kinds of discounts does everyone offer (if any)? Do you offer discounts for family/friends? How much of a discount for them? Do you offer discounts if someone wants both a driveway power washing and an exterior window cleaning? Discounts for recurring residential/commercial clients?

Appreciate any feedback!

We offer periodical discounts.
We offer hero discounts for anyone we consider a hero, emt,nurse, teacher, foster parent, firefighter. Or retired cops.

We offer random coupons when we slow down a bit or to encourage gutter cleanings to happen sooner so we are not removing ice sickle leaves.

We offer a young person discount (anyone over70) .

Most my clients don’t care about the discounts. I do offer 50% off randomly to lower class clients. This allows people who normally can’t afford but want and deserve clean windows. I do not allow anyone who can afford it , take advantage of my special special discount.


Officially? Recurring discount is cool with me, happy to do so. (But do NOT pull “lets skip this month” on me, when I show up!)

Off the record? I will ease off for seniors or vets, or hardship… but its because they mention it in casual conversation.
(IM a good guy, but I also feel like some people play cards that dont need to be played)

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