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Hey guys! I’ve been a long time reader on the forum, but this is my first post. Just curious if anyone else has tried your usual dishwasher detergent, and if so if you liked the results? There’s no suds making it easier to see the glass and it has a much nicer glide than TSP. I only experimented with it today on a few of my home windows. Thanks!

No, no, thank you…

I’ve tried quite a few different brands, but it was some time a go. I agree that you’d think the glide would be superb with the amount of slip it has, but I think at the time it left a lot of residue & it didn’t quite cut it for me. I’m sure there is a brand out there that would be good (probably a cheaper one), but I haven’t found it. I think the biggest problem for me was the amount of mop up & stickyness.

I’m not sure why any of you have had such a big issue.

I have and always will use dawn liquid soap to wash windows.

Adding Dawn liquid dish detergent to the water after you fill up bucket, not only doesn’t cause suds while adding a smooth glide, it also eats through dust, dirt, and even bug/bird shit.

Oh and did I mention kids greasy and oily finger prints along side pet slobber??

Oh and mixes perfect with ipa (alcohol) during those freezing days!!

Also adding vinegar helps eat through some to moderate levels of calcium…

Heavy calcium deposits I use amazed hard spot removal and pad…

Hope this helps!

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Dropped a bottle of liquid dishwasher detergent (do not recall the brand but am sure it was lemon scented) once at Target, the cap popped open and gel shot onto my clothes and bleached a pair of paints and polo.:mad:

Back in the 80’s-90’s I had a co-worker who would always sleep in and shaft me for the day.

He was quite possibly (no, I’ll say it, he [B]was[/B]) the best window cleaner I ever worked with.
Which made it even more frustrating.

He used some Cascade because he was broke (that’s what happens when you no show) and figured it would last longer.

I tried it, didn’t care for it.
It reminded me of syrup.

  • I just couldn’t get the slime off my hands, mop and everything else it came into contact with.

I’m sure I was using it wrong, and I can’t knock anyone for their findings.
But it surely wasn’t a “change your life/gotta have it” experience.

If my first experience was the same as yours I would have ran away crying!!

SO glad I use Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent Original only. ANYTHING ELSE DISH RELATED is just dumb. I can, however, see the good in a few other window cleaning solutions.

Or maybe I’m just another kid, staring at a plate of broccoli.:o

I don’t think you understand the question they are not talking about dish soap the are talking about the soap you put in the dish Washing machine. Some one correct me if I’m wrong.

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Yeah for sure. My glass is clean, unlike some of you fools. Clean up your act. If you think your a window cleaner, them shits ought to be clean when I come to inspect them… Up your game guys…

When I started cleaning windows, Joy was the standard soap. I stopped using it quickly because it ate my hands up. Dawn was even worse. The grease cutters will de-fat your skin and my hands stayed rough no matter how much Corn Huskers lotion I used. I don’t know much about any of the window cleaning soaps out there because I use my Dad’s formula

I was using jet dry for a short time but that was just dumb. I will say that I tried ivory dish soap last week, a couple of drops to my water, and it helped me with gliding my squeegee a lot better in the Texas heat.

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Seriously, if you think you’re a window cleaner, you’d better double check your work. Around here, I see a lot of half ass shit… Is this the way you clean? Just askin…

Whom are you referring to??

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Nobody in peticular, just the bobs that think they’re window cleaners. You know, the guys that “clean windows” but the glass is never totally clean. You ever run by that? I see glass all over the place that was supposed to be cleaned a month ago but looks like three months ago and it’s all busted up. I call these guys winder wasrshers…

Post a few pics of you cleaning some windows, please

Nah man you need a video to see how I work… Only I’d have to charge you to show you how it’s done.

I’ll put it to you this way, it takes me all of 15 seconds to clean a 3ft by 4ft commercial pane. Faster if I’m rushing…

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One of these days I’ll post a speed cleaning thread…