Distance your travel to do windows

Hey, I travel between of 9 to 65 miles for my customers. Most of my customers I service for work is 34-50 miles away. Just seeking out how far anyone else drives for window work?
Also do you charge for distance or just fit it into your sum.

30 miles to where most of my customers are.

90% of my customers are less than 10 miles away, while 5% are around 15miles away and the other 5% are about 30 miles away.

I have a few large sites that are 30-40mile trips but they are good recurring accounts and mileage/fuel/drive time were factored in to the price.

Good input so far, thank you.

15-20 miles in any direction. Traffic works a bit differently here outside of NYC… I can drive 20 miles east in 30 minutes, but if I try to go 25 miles east we’re talking 1.5 hours and $20 in tolls.

About the same as all of you, 2/3 within a 10 miles radius “Orléans (FR)” then the last third within a 30 miles radius.
For around fifty regular customers.

Farthest I’ve driven was around 50 miles (referral). Took an hour and a half one way. At that distance I don’t technically add an extra charge for travel (I use my standard price book, which assumes negligible travel costs because most customers are within 3 or 4 miles), but I have a higher minimum the farther you are from me. I worked out the math (~$0.60 per mile car expenses, time in the car) and then determined how much I would make per hour after the extra expenses and time. Was still a decent hourly wage because the job was so large and I could WFP most of it, so I made a lot per hour. If the job had been under that number I would have just charged the minimum. Because it was a large job and I really had no other work to fill that time (it was off season) I was willing to take a small hit by swallowing travel expenses (money is money), but if I was super busy with local accounts I might start charging for travel, raise the minimum for clients a certain distance from my home, or just refuse them altogether. But that’s just me. Everyone has unique circumstances, like Chris with tolls and traffic. Do what’s best for your business.

Ouch that doesn’t sound good. Thanks for the reply.

Thank you all for responses looks like some of your work is similar to mine but some is alot closer which confirms, I know I need to move closer to my work, eventually or change jobs.

Its really good actually, theres still 1.5 million households in my service area :slight_smile:

:+1: Thank you