Distilled Water

I am making the transition to WFP. I am installing a 50 gal. tank in my truck with a shurflo pump. Question is I can get distilled water which is .ooo tds at 10 cents a gallon will this do me temporarily until I can get the RO/DI setup?:smiley:

Indeedely do! Yep, it will work.

It will work. You might consider a rental DI tank. It could be cheaper depending on the TDS of your home water supply.


I will be getting distilled water from a company out here in Las vegas. The tds for vegas runs in the 500’s so have get the $ up for the home setup. I want to start the WFP asap and the distilled seemed like the quickest route for me at 10 cents a gallon possibly less if purchased in bulk or a little window cleaning trade off. I figured it would work just want to make sure. Thanks! WCR Rocks!:smiley:

You might try using straight faucet water for the initial/dirty cleans then a quick rinse with distilled.
Your word distilled is intriuging, is it pure distilled or DI sold as distilled ?
Over here some of us have suffered from slight spotting after the RO on hphobic glass even though the tds reads 000 I think its the slight calcium residue left by the RO and DI still leaves the spotting. I also use rainwater which seems to have a a better finish.
I am now thinking of rinsing with distilled after the RO, what do others think ?

What your doing will work. I do about the same thing here. I don’t have distilled but ro at 50 a gal. Our tds is 800-900 and a half a day to reg a di unit. So it’s cheaper this way !! I can do this for 20-30 years for cost of a water sysstem. The only draw back is going to get it !! On the useage u can do a 3 story bulding with 50 gal. And lot depends how dirty too !! Thats . Kinda of useage rule. If i know i have a large project i stock pile. Now on the hose i use the blue air line with quick , to about 260 ft that does most homes or buss. The batt will last a long time. I do carry a batt charger just is case with a 100 ft cord. On first cleans i would clean with scraper with waiver and don’t sq but rince a lot more. Theres place for this type of cleaning. It 60% faster and a lot safer with good quality work. Stan , pro window kleening, 26 y

Where is it that you can buy cheap distilled water? I heard someone was buying for .10 a gallon.