Ditch the bucket on route, buy a super soaker

Thinking about buying me a badass, wamma-jamma, super soaker for route work. Any thoughts? Anyone try this already? :wink:

Give me your thoughts on why ?
If your trying to be faster. Nothing faster than a strip washer IMO. Stuff still has to get scrubbed

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We are an all sprayer company. The Super Soaker idea could work, if it could be modded to spray a wide pattern and look more professional.

Your scrubber starts getting dry, instead of using a squirt bottle to wet it again or find your bucket to dip it, you can just use a super soaker, it has some distance. Pole work, ground level, whatever: Just spray a bunch of your solution up there on the glass and keep going! They’ve got all kinds of 'em these days, spray in all kinds of different patterns. But more than anything I feel it’d add some more fun to the work environment.


too much pumping. no thanks.

They make automatic ones these days.


you have my attention. what’s the firing rate? in mililiters/second please.

Well, the pumpless ones can shoot a stream up to 25 ft and run off AA batteries, it isn’t a very impressive stream but would still work though. :smiley: Personally, I’d like to go with something like this: Best Water gun ever! Top 7 Nerf Super Soakers | Hasbro Nerf Gun Killer | Wasserpistole | 水鉄ç*² - YouTube

^ #3 is boss. #2 is also baller, but would have to be truck-mounted.

They spurt too much liquid bro… Imagine standing in the middle of a new mahagony floor with a super soaker squirting all kinds of mix by your feet. Keep crushing it if it’s working for you.

I guess I should have clarified that I wanted it for outdoor use only. I can’t imagine anyone bringing a super soaker inside one of their route stops lolol

I prefer qt/min.

a good idea to deal with aggresive pets

May be good for gutter whitening ! Route work naaaa

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I carry a bucket to clean my mop so I am not washing windows with dirty water. I have experimented with spray bottles and misters. For me, it meant dirtier cleanup of sills and visible streaks and corner/edges. Sprayers don’t work for me probably because I don’t know how to use them properly

Not water gun for me, just a 45 and a glock.

Cleaning Windows is Just My Job, Not My Life…

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The sprayers do work,you just need to rinse out the sleeve every once in while…


I know it sounds so simple, but when your use to using a bucket and go to a sprayer some people seem to forget that there sleeve still needs to be cleaned.

the comment was for the general forum user, not directed at you…:wink: