DIY DI Cart w/Hose Reel

Thought I would post some photos of the rig i built last year. This cart has served us flawlessly for the last two seasons. It’s got some battle scars, but i built it to military spec on purpose, so it’s holding up just fine.

It goes like this:
Garden hose fitting with quick connect>
10" .5 micron poly prefilter>
10" 2 micron carbon filter >
20" big blue sump w/ 4" refillable cartridge (filled with mixed bed resin)>
20" big blue sump w/ 4" refillable cartridge (filled with mixed bed resin)>
1/4" poly air hose>
quick connect 1/4" “T” fitting for inline TDS monitor>
1/4" poly air hose to hose reel swivel>
200’ 1/4" poly air hose on reel>

Got the dolly at harbor freight. Got the hose reel and Big Blue mounting plate on amazon. got the sumps/filters/housings from some online water softening/conditioning supplier (don’t remember who…).

This thing will run two poles if we split the output line with a T fitting.

Not to shabby Caleb, approx cost?


if i remember right, everything you see there, minus resin, was around $700. not sure if it was worth it, but it was fun to build and has paid for itself many times over. and like i said, it’s overbuilt. probably could have shaved $100 off if i wasn’t being fanatical about it.

It’s pretty good.

Nicely done
Wish I could use DI efficiently around these parts
Job well done

"Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc"

Cool cart. I like it. Hey, are those size housings 1/4 cube? If = to a 1/4 cube ea a dual bed would work great in them. Make twice the water of mixed bed, well if 1/2 cube mixed maybe a couple hundred more like 1 or 2 hundred.

i think we can get about three refills from a cube of mixed bed. i don’t know anything about running dual bed. i assume that’s one tank of anion and one of cation? is it more efficient that way? i’m not sure what it would cost to buy resin that way. my source for mixed bed is pretty cheap…

​Only if you went dual or tri bed. Thank goodness you have RO water.
Only about an hour away and your TDS is crazy compared to mine. Don’t we get from the same reservoir or your comes from underwater lake?

Costs about the same. If I went tri the refill is about 160, dual about 90. Tri out put is 2.5 times higher than single and dbl with a dual. If you have a good resin source than perfect. I have no option but WCR or maybe a place in KS that ships bulk rate. So for me cost per gallon is cheaper if go standard bed. The additional couple hundred gallons helps lower the per gallon cost. I have yet to get into the eaches of who offers the best rate for non-mixed resins.