DIY poles

Anyone else utilizing another pole not made specifically for wfp?

Thats a cool story Karl

We have a couple poles we made out of Mr Long Arms

Hey snap!

Yep, I’ll post some pictures later today. Unger poles, 1/4 air compressor hose and other stuff.

I tried to utilise swimming poles at one time, glad I lost that idea. These days I try to go for the lightest stuff out there - it makes work a breeze.

The Mr. LongArm poles do the trick because they are light as hell, but they aren’t the most ridged things in the world.

I like the new Longarm pole with the quick lock. Wish they’d warned me about the new head though: it doesn’t allow spin with the old tools. But as far as water fed goes - its a natural gooseneck.

Check this site out.
Gives me some good ideas.

Looks like a fun little project.
I freaking don’t feel like paying like 5 grand.

You should just look into renting a D.I. tank to get your feet wet,get with someone about a fiberglass pole. Cheap out of pocket & by chance it doesn’t pan out (HIGHLY DOUBTFUL though) no big loss.

Or… check THIS

Just watch that site for virus’s. Every time I used to go on there, my firewall turned my computer off. It looks like they’ve updated it a little since.

did you make your own WFP?

We sell the adaptors, goosenecks, brushes, whatever you may need to turn a regular extension pole into a WFP.

Shawn do the hogs hair brushes work with Ionic poles?

Hey Bill,

The Boars Hair brush that we had developed for us fits all the British threads that come on the European poles. The brush will thread onto those plastic adjustable angle goosenecks. The Ionics (Multipoles) have those goosenecks so they thread right on.

Sweet Shawn I will be in touch soon

Here’s my current wfp, the pictures kinda explain everything.

If I’d remember to post the pictures…


Pretty crafty. Whats the height, height, cost?

The actual pole is a Mr. Long Arm from Home Depot, $39.00. The copper tubing was about $6.00. The slim air compressor hose was $40.00 for 50 feet. A few dollars for the brass connections to convert the air hose to a garden hose (which gets hooked up to the DI filter). Then of course the wire ties and clamps were pennies. The brush was about 5.00 too. I’d say the pole was built for right at $100.00.

The pole is 24 feet, I’m not sure about weight though, I think that’s what you meant. It’s not too bad, although I’ve never held a carbon pole.

I also put about 3 velcro wire ties on the pole spaced evenly to keep the hose from going all over the place.