Do businesses mind you cleaning windows on weekends?

I have a full time job so right now I will be doing all my window cleaning on weekends. Do most businesses mind this? For right now I will be cleaning windows on the side. Thanks

we have a few businesses that are closed on the weekends and we only clean the outside windows for them I can do them after regular business hours at night in the dark or on the weekend and I don’t think they would care as long as when they show up and see the bill they also see the windows are clean. there are other businesses that we have to do the inside of an are also closed on the weekend therefore we can’t do the whole job on a weekend. And some of our businesses that are restaurants or coffee shops or salons they might be extra busy on the weekend and they might not be too happy for us to regularly come on the weekend nobody’s said anything when we do it here or there but if that was our habit they might not be too happy with it

Depends on the type of business. I usually clean most of my store fronts early morning, but random days (i stick to same day every week, or bi weekly etc etc.)

Get the main doors first and keep buckets out of the way, and i don’t think it’ll matter too much. Learn how to use a pole really well (I SUCK) and you can do without ladder. Or get a WFP system and use it on Storefronts. (NOT ALWAYS WORTH IT)

I currently work at West Salem Ace Hardware, Have for three years. I have been running my Window Cleaning Business for going on four years. I used to work 55+ hours at Ace, and am now only at 32, and febuary march i will be at 16-24 hours. Soon I will no longer need them, and i will always work at least a day a week or month.



Some do. The two restaurants i have are busiest on weekends. I go Wednesday and Thursdays at 430-5am. But I work at 8 with my day job. The restaurant wants me out before open at 7am. And they both specified those days. No weekends for them.

My goals are similiar to yours. To build up my window business enough to where I can start working less hours at my day job.

At what point do you do the insides of those places? Before they open they let you in?

Let me put it best this way. My minimum goal is to be making 30k a year and be putting in less then or about 20 hours a week. If i hit the MINIMUM goal. I will be making the same ammount per year I do work 40-50 hours per week at a “reg” job.

With all that time saved I get to enjoy watching my kids grow up, and spend so much time with them!
But of Course my Maximum Goal is to be making roughly 300k a year and be working 0-15 Hours a week… Lets see How long that takes… > : )


Your headed in the right direction with the flexibility being self employed can give. It obviously adds more work and responsibility but you get to choose moreless when that happens.

I see guys in my neighborhood making less than I do in their corporate job traveling away from the families they provide for.

I choose more family time too.


Exactly, it’s hard but easy.

Ot all buckled down to a sheer fact that if -
You’re a follower - follow.
If you’re a leader learn how to follow, then lead!
If you’re a creator - you must first learn how to follow and lead otherwise you may end up just destroying.

We all know where we belong, we just have to be willing to work hard enough to achieve it. I could work so hard and make this company a billion dollars a year… I choose not to.

I could continue to work at $12/hour working hard at a retail store for other people and spend less time with my family…

I choose not to…

I could be happy with whatever comes my way and just push through the toughness and take what I have earned, and work harder more till the day I don’t have to work hard to get it all!!

I choose my own path and so so all of us.
Ale ourself WHEREVER it is you want to be. JUST DO IT! KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

And always remember - why do we fall down? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up…


I finish the insides before they open. They have workers there early for prep work so it works out nice. It’s annoying and tiring now that it’s on two different days. But you have to do what you have to do while working full time. One of them opens at 11 am and it’s across the street so I can do both on 1 day eventually :slight_smile:

Push for it brotha. Like lightning says, keep moving forward, keep pushing. The reward of controlling your own destiny is worth it. I also want to be home with family more. I’m good making the same yearly if I am home more :slight_smile: But I would also be happy earning much higher :grin: