Do neoprene gloves keep your hands from freezing during winter?

It gets pretty dang cold in Southeast Idaho during the winter and I’ve got some loyal storefront clients I service monthly so I’m looking in to getting some neoprene gloves but do they really keep your hands DRY and WARM?

Neoprene is waterproof, and typically warm to ~30°. Liners help.

There are a ****load of threads on this subject. Start searching.

Quick tip I picked up from Tony Evans, and I’m sure others have thought of this too: use a couple of air-activated hand warmers and strap them into the wrist of your gloves, on top of your veins. The heat will transfer to your blood and keep your fingers warmer. I’m definitely going to try it out this winter :wink:

You should also check out the video series in the forum here, “Weather or Not”

My experience with neoprene is that it does a decent job as long as you dont dunk your whole hand in the water. We have used a glove called “chilly grip” which my guys prefer alot better. We have bought them at Gander Mountain Outdoor Store. They arent waterproof (knitted on the top) but the sure feel warm. We wring out our brushes using the index finger so the dont get the whole glove soaked. Neoprene eventually gets my hands cold. My experience.


I’ve tried the unger gloves, pretty useless without liners. almost seem to hold to cold air in

My tip with neoprene gloves is to warm them up before putting them on, I usually stick them under my sweatshirt. Getting them up to body temp before you put them on helps. I’ve also found that if they are tight they cause my hands to cramp up pretty quickly.

My neoprene gloves keep my hands warm, but they still get wet. I have also discovered that if you take them off when they are wet, make sure you really warm them up before you put them back on or they will keep your hands cold. I use a pair I bought years ago to handle my duck decoys

I really don’t like My neoprene golves(Unger) I am currently searching for something different.

They seem to get really wet easily. Also, They tear pretty easily too.

anyone used the sealskinz waterproof gloves?

I used them for a little while. The outer layer will absorb and hold water. I tried to keep them dry so they didn’t get my detailing towel wet.

I got a pair of Seal Skinz last year and didn’t like the fit and the knobby palms. I’m good with neoprenes down to about the upper 20’s. I get extra large and put liners in if need be. They tend to be tough to use with liners. Glacier gloves are the warmest I’ve tried and with liners they’re good well down into the teens.
One thing I’ve done too many times is pinch a hole in them when closing my extension pole. That’s a bummer.

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Check out some of these gloves, some are fleece lined. We made it a point this year to have more options for everyone to work with.

neoprene gloves do keep my hands fairly warm. when my hands start getting real cold with the gloves on, I put my mouth to my wrist and blow in some warm air from my lungs into the gloves.

I have used them for the last 6 years they work good keep your hands from getting wet but there a little thick when detailing the windows .

If you guys order those alaska gloves make sure you order extra large. I got the large but it’s still fairly tight on my hand and wears out my fingers trying to grip. If you have real winters like I do I suggest getting the mitts not the gloves.

Any body try surf gloves? It’s almost summer but it’s still super cold when the wind picks up here. My local surf shop has a pair that fit like a dream and look like they’d be warm, just don’t know about durability for the high price that they are.