Do people still use putty knives to remove debris from CCU?!?!

I was watching a Dan Fields video that looked like it was from the late 1800s maybe the turn of the century (i.e. 20th century) and he was saying their guys use putty knives for construction clean up… He said they sharpen the blade every morning and run the blade perpendicular to the thing they sharpen it on (I forgot what it was).

Is this still a thing? And does it work?

I imagine it’s sort of the window cleaning equivalent to shaving with a straight razor. Yeah, there are probably a few people out there who still do it, and who swear by the “superior results”. But 99% of shavers/window cleaners can’t be bothered with having to keep that blade honed. So much easier and more convenient to just swap out a cartridge/safety blade/razor blade and get to work/shaving.

The primary distinction in my metaphor, is that choice of shaving implement might make a difference in the recurrance of acne breakouts and ingrown hairs. It’s doubtful that a sharpened putty knife will result in less fabrication debris problems.


I’m sorry I can’t help but laugh.


@Majestic66 Mike, I think he started washing horses with that same brush when he was a young lad then got into cleaning windows!

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The horses don’t lie !

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That’s just… wow. just, wow…