Do they always work?

Just a few quick questions… I have had windows that have dried on bird crap and God knows what else that I have had to scrap and scrub to remove… if I am using a WFP does it still work? or am I getting up and scrapping and washing that window no matter what by hand??

Also I need to know some pricing on a WFP system if any can help… a full system so that it’s a turn key operation… pole… RO/DI system…hoses… TDS, everything… … not something I am trying to build over a couple of months… I have looked around but there are so many options… Thanks

Hello there,

A wfp/pure water system is a great tool to have in your arsenal, but that’s what it is, a tool. Its not a magic wand like some would lead you to believe. You will not be able to remove, silicone, paint, concrete, stucco, etc.

With our boars hair brush you can easily remove bird droppings though.

Depending on your TDS you may have to go with an RO/DI system. Our cart is battery powered, produces over a gallon per minute on demand, and comes with all the bells and whistles. 160’ of premium hose, hose reel, pressure gauges, battery, charger, in-line TDS meters, the works.

For the residential set up, we can get you outfitted with a RO/DI cart and 2 poles for $4,000.00 or as little as $100.00 per month in a lease program. Feel free to call me if you have any specific questions. 303-521-2300

And if it is an electric cart your after, ours will be out soon.


I have heard this stuff will do a really good job in getting off the crud. I don’t know though as I have not tried it. Basicly was told to use a two pole system. One guy scrubs the windows with a boars hair brush and this stuff on it and another guy comes behind him with the WFP. Once again not sure how well it works.

Shawn has nothing but a great rep, very few companies will post prices online. To me that shows he does not practice high preasure sales. Here’s the price, take it or leave it. I like that :)… Correct me if I’m wrong but did’nt you just start out? If so then WFP Might be overkill for you. Remember, it’s not the WFP system that will get you work. It’s you. Spending the bread on a system may not be your best move at this point in the game. But it’s your company and you know best.

yeah I know that it won’t get me anymore busniess but it will improve my busniess in what I have to offer and how long I am going to be at the job site… from the reserach I have done up to this point, WFP’s improve your time spent at each job site…by almost half… and being a “one man business” I could improve my numbers alot by having this tool. not to mention I would love to stay off the ladder as much as possible. I am finding people do not like ladders being on their houses… even if you have rubber mits on it or not…

[QUOTE=Oasis Window Care;5288]Just a few quick questions… I have had windows that have dried on bird crap and God knows what else that I have had to scrap and scrub to remove… if I am using a WFP does it still work? or am I getting up and scrapping and washing that window no matter what by hand??

I find that any window I can clean with wet bar and squeegee (no scraper), I can clean with WFP. “dried on bird crap” will come off with WFP.

My tucker pole and DI tank were one of my first investments when I started my business. If nothing else it gave me the confidence to be able to take on jobs I may not have handled well by by ladder when I first started.

I dont use it everyday, it is a “tool” that I use a few times per week and would not want to be without it.

My .02


If you are going to use a water fed pole on Residential, it will not save you 1/2 the time to do a job. It might cut like 10 or 15 minutes, unless you have french windows(true cut ups) don’t be fooled what people tell you, but it is much easier on your legs and knee’s

Why would people try to fool Oasis?


What takes longer on a residential? Interior or exterior?

You and I can set up at a home with plain double hung or casement windows. You use your ladder for the 2nd and 3rd story windows, I’ll use my pole. You set up a safe way to ladder up there on the uneven, sloping ground; the loose gravel; the trees or shrubbery in the way… I’ll use my pole. You climb up and down and move your ladder for each window. I’ll just walk to the next spot and, yup, use my pole.

While you’re still working the 2nd floor exteriors, I’ll be doing the inside work. By the time you have finished the house, I will already have started my next job.

WFP does save a great deal of time. It can instantly increase your hourly rate of revenue and allow more time for more work. Does it save you 1/2 the time? In some circumstances, yes AND MORE. In others, not as much. But definitely more than 10-15 minutes. I really do not know why you would say that, Starbrite.

I’ve always said if you put the prep work in the first time - wfp will always come up trumps the next. As long as the durations between cleans aren’t too long (6 months or less), wfp is an absolute winner. Yes it will halve your time or more than with ladders or traditional use poles.

Hi Marc,

Well out here in So Cal, about 99.9% of homes are 2 stories, i can squeegee just as fast as i can use a wfp. i am not knocking down wfp’s i am just saying that they do not save you that much time on a 2 story house. Plus, what are you going to do if you have a little paint or shotgun fungus. my guess is that you will have to break out that ladder and scrape, then rewash…

Ps: i will race you any time my friend…

Shotgun fungus on second floor??? Paint issues, that’s different. I get those about 1 out of 10 homes.

That’s a race you will lose. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Marc and Doug you better take it easy or you’ll find yourselves in the fridge? The only question then is who can make get out first.

Karlodaze I agree, I never pole a new job. I need to see whats on the windows and it works I haven’t had any call back on my pole work.

How about at Gary’s picnic?