Do we clean windows in the rain?

The whole of North America is thinking about rain this weekend, as Ike has plowed into Texas leaving a lot of rain and damage. It may make you wonder whether we clean windows in the rain. Of course, our company is committed to the highest standards of quality, we will never do anything that would not leave your windows clean. On the few days each year where there is a very significant amount of


To be honest i will clean windows in the rain, no bother.
I don’t see why you shouldn’t…if it rains, it rains full stop…as window cleaners, how can we be expected to hang around when we have a schedule with bookings.

Regardless, i don’t think rain will ruin your window cleaning…

What are the ill effects of cleaning in the rain??..(Apart from getting your trousers wet)

To be honest, for most places in North America, cleaning windows in the rain is a none issue. The only time it becomes a problem is if you don’t clean the frames. the rain water will loosen the dirt and it will run off on to your windows. Sometimes dirty siding being rained on will trash your clean windows as well. But this would happen in any case.

The real problem is that we as window cleaners know for the most part that rain isn’t a problem, just some customers need convincing.

I don’t advertise a rain guarantee but if a customer starts whining, I just tell them that if the rain trashes my work, just give me a call and I’ll touch up any affected windows. No one ever has ever called me back.

agreed. I offer a 30 day rain guarantee and have only had 1 call back (on day 29, so you can imagine what type of customer this was)

The only real concern with rain and window cleaning for me is SAFETY, we’ve gotta be extra careful on slippery ladders.