Do you do a "Dirty Window" Surcharge? If So what do you call it?

I have a lead that wants me to do a store front once a month (Normally I do Bi-Weekly) and from experience in the area i know those windows are going to be a mess [edit: *If they are cleaned only once a month]

The question of “what do you call it?” if you are doing a window job it’s because the glass needs cleaned so saying you’re charging extra just sounds stupid🤦‍♀️

Thanks in advance

When you give the quote, list the “First time clean” and then regular maintenance cleaning.


@clevermonkey… nailed it!

I also think of it this way…

Clients need to pay up front to be added to my client list. Once you’re on the list you get a “discount”.

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Good points guys
I really appreciate it
I have to tell you i am not a business man
I just wash windows decently well

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Yup an put a time stamp on it too. like within 12 months from my first clean. A maintenance cleaning will be ???

For residential invoices I have it set up that when it prints, it automatically puts a “coupon” for within six months.

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“Initial cleaning”…Usually it’s a “cleaning and a half” for outside and inside. Initial cost is higher. Offer them every 2 month service…“6 days a year and your windows are sparkling all year!”-- Anybody that goes over 2 months, cleaning and a half. Keep them trained, you would be SURPRISED the initial reaction is “Nobody offers that kind of schedule, I love it!”-- One of my best friends growing up built up his business to about 7-800 residential accounts this way. When I help him when I get slow in summer, I laugh because it’s like you are cleaning “clean” glass—it’s the way he was taught by another window cleaner we worked with when we first started cleaning 16-17 years ago.

Remember, that first cleaning can take you a lot longer. This is not including CONSTRUCTION CLEANING, which let’s face it most “new” jobs you take will need some elbow grease (and bronze wool, scrapers, towels galore, razers, hard water stains, paint, etc). The goal is to get them on a repeat schedule 3-12 times a year so you are doing routine cleans and not ONCE EVERY COUPLE YEARS OR SO cleans. There is a residential account I do for the company I work for that is once a week, 52x a year-- so don’t think you can’t get them on a very frequent schedule. They are out there, they are looking FOR you!