Do You Go Back and Check Second Floor Windows From Inside When Using WFP?

Used my WFP the other day on it’s first job. And issue that came up that I guess I should have thought of though.

There were several windows that I wasn’t able to remove everything from, even using the wool pad addon. But I couldn’t tell from the ground. I only noticed when I went back inside to put the screens back in.

Then I had to spend quite a bit of time laddering all of those windows and clean with my squeegee.

How do you guys handle this?

I was thinking if I made at least a few passes with the brush and then a few with the wool pad that I wouldn’t be running into this but obviously I was wrong. Got me wondering how worth it the WFP really is

The only residential I wfp are frech/true divided
and my home due to residential perfection.

Commercial 99% has no issues using wfp up to 6 stories.


Because of this issue or for some other reason?

And do you use a ladder or a pole instead? Or both?

Residential is simply picky or I am picky with residential.

These people look out the windows we clean daily and we dont allow any debris left. So we ladder typically, I dont allow pole on residential either because then frames dont get wiped as we like.

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We WFP first time residential jobs all the time. Yes, sometimes you need to touch up windows. With more experience you will be better at judging when it is worth using the WFP and when it’s better to ladder up and squeegee.

I find most times it’s still faster to WFP and go back and touch up some windows than just laddering and squeegeeing every window.

A lot of times we are able to just reach out from the inside to touch up a window when we are going around reinstalling the screens from the inside. Or we will go around with a pad on a pole to touch up rather than ladder up.

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Every window gets checked ( well, theoretically anyway) from the inside whether done with wfp or with squeegee. Usually we do outsides first so it’s not that big a deal. And doing outsides only is rare.

What is your process if its outside only clean.

Ask to go in and check your work?

With experience, you learn what to do and when.

When I am WFPing windows, I can see before and during the clean, crud on the glass up to two stories high. The toughest things on windows for me seems to be tree saps and sometimes shotgun fungus. You can usually see it better when water is sheeting over the glass. Wool takes care of most situations, as long as you wet those spots well enough.

If you can’t get it off, then I stop WFPing and switch to traditional. That is rarely what I need to do though.
I WFP residential most all the time. Unless it’s a construction clean or REAAAALLLY badly neglected windows, WFP does an excellent job for me.

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Most houses have screens that need to be removed before cleaning the outside. We never pry screens off from the outside. I always let the customer know that we need inside access even if we’re only cleaning the outsides of their windows.

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Interesting. So, you’re saying all screens should be able to be removed from inside? Don’t some have to come off from the outside?

So you must be carrying screens thru house to wash?

Just toss them out the window gravity will do the rest :wink:



Thanks so much guys for all the replies. Very helpful

I usually work with 2 people. Lower screens get pushed out , an placed by the window. The upper screens sometimes not all, I have my guy drop them down to me an I just catch them.
Depends on the house !!

To answer this question about 2nd story windows. You can clean a window just as good with a wfp as traditional. You can do evertthing from the ground as you do up on a ladder.

Working with 2 is more helpful , because your inside guy can let you know of something needs re-doing

If it’s exterior only , an you have no access. You just eyeball it from both angles.
Never had a problem if it needs laddering it needs laddering
Like Hoosier , I do almost all cleans with a wfp. Ladders are in the van if needed, but it really pisses me off if I have to break them out :sunglasses:

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If need be an sometimes it does. Get your self a separate pole for scrubbing, an start using different methods. You can wrap steel wool around a 10” or so handle. You can get a pad holder An use a white pad , or a steel wool pad. You can even use a scraper if need be :tired_face:.
I like the 24’ Garlick pokes for this. If the windows are bad just wet them in an scrub rinse. You can even use a bucket with a little gg4 if necessary. It’s just like being nose to glass. Only difference is your eyes are closer if your on a ladder. 2 story glass if you have good eyes an look at it from An angle you can see what’s going On for the most part.
I have a ton of exterior only customers an I wfp them. Don’t look at them for the inside They keep having me come back so must be doing a good job

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What’s wrong with that ?

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First floor we push out. And yes, anything 2nd story and up we carry through the house. We place them on bath towels until we are ready to carry them out.

I don’t know of any screens that won’t unlock from the inside unless someone flipped them around at some point.


What’s wrong with what?

I don’t recall saying any method was wrong

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