Do you guys really just bend over and take this shit

Cleaned this guys windows & gutters about 3 times and hes a nighbor of my grandmas. Hasnt used me in years and wants his windows done so he calls me last week for a quote. I told him I would come by and look at it, I show up look at it last week and send him over a quote via text on the customer factor. He tells me he got the quote and we confirmed a date which was today at 8 am he also got a 24 hour reminder yesterday. This morning I message him that my employee is on his way as a little courtesy sinces hes used to me always doing the work. He messages me asking if I will still honor my coupouns as my employee is on his way so I ask for a picture. He sends me coupons from 5 years ago and I tell him respectfully no. I follow up with him later in the day to confirm my employee was fine and he tells me everything was fine but apperently the basement windows inside were not on the estimate. I send him a picture of the quote that says basement windows were not included and remind him we have never done his basement inside to which he replies well they are new windows wouldnt it make sense to do them inside. I told him no because it wasn’t brought up at the quote by him, he acccepted the bid and I have lots of customers that leave out certain windows. He goes well your employee said that they were included, then said they werent and showed me a picture that they were not included. I told him my employee asked me about the scope of the work when he pulled up and so I sent him the picture of the quote. He at one point tells me he accepted the work today to which I replied sorry sir you didn’t accept the work today you accepted the work on such and such date and heres the quote, if you were accepting the work today what was the point of the quote, and also we don’t go over quotes on there doorstep the day of the services for accepteance we quote first and have it agreed upon with the customer which we did with him and here is his text. He tells me I’m unprofessional and we both agree to go both ways. How the fuck do you accept my bid, try to use a 5 year coupon the moment before service and then watch my employee for 2 hours clean your windows with not a peep then once I follow up play the dumb guy that was confused then when I call your bluff tell me I’m unfprofessional

THIS is what I’m talking about - what’s gotten into people? It’s like they think we’re all McDonalds corp. where if they whine a bit, they’ll get something for free. This year dealing with people is really my least favourite part of the biz.

guy needs to go and learn what a real ‘unprofessional’ window cleaner is like. Bucket bob next time

He wanted the ‘ your GM is my neighbor discount ‘

Did he ever pay you?

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Wasted more time on it just writing that post than it was worth…chalk it up, move on to the next one. None of it is personal, don’t take it as such.

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You can’t fix crazy

“None of it is personal” - that’s right. Had a guy pull that “you’re unprofessional” schtick on me years ago. He was pressuring me to change locks on a house way, way out of my territory. We had only talked on the phone, never met in person. “Buddy, you don’t even know me,” I said, hanging up.

People who insult you to win an argument are the ones being unprofessional.

:thinking: often it’s best to not make them correct afterwards…