Do you have a catchy phrase?

Clear clean window glass is not depression ware. You should enjoy your view.

We are like that sign at the beach. We take only memories, and leave only footprints. Except, without the footprints.

Now, when we clean your windows, we might reveal some blemishes on the glass - like stains or scratches hiding behind the dirt (shock/disappointment). I mean, imagine if you didn’t wash your face in 20 years, what that might look like! (ROFL)…

Pressure washing your deck is like a visit to the dentist - you go in for a cleaning and come out with a root canal.

sorry guys

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What a

^ now that made me laugh, thanks.

post of the year!

"You’ll like what you see!"
Not sure if that’s catchy, but it’s what I’ve been using.

Your windows will be clean when we’re done.

“Birds Hate Us. Customers Love Us.”

Your pane is my pleasure!

Don’t be hatin your view, call our crew…all I got except, leave it to the pros, leave it to pure pro

Arrgghhh - Dirty Windows?

Upcoming ad tag line - think it’ll go good my pirate squeegee monkey logo lol.

[B]“You paid for the view already… why not enjoy it?”[/B] Heard that on here somewhere, I didn’t make it up. I started using it when I frequently am standing in someone’s kitchen or office after a job and they are writing me a check - the views in some of the places are freakin’ spectacular. And it hit me, “hey, this isn’t about me or what I was lay down $800, this person already did shell out the big $$$, so it makes perfect sense for them to have their windows cleaned.”

When I sometimes have people quibble over the price at the beginning of the job, sometimes I say [B]“You probably pay that for a trip to the grocery store.”[/B] I shell out $150-$200 for a grocery run, I can imagine that the lobster and salmon eating set shell out a lot more.

We Answer The Phone is ours

practice safe window cleaning… use a rubber ( insert picture of squeegee here…)

Your logo… [B]is[/B] [B]awesome[/B]!
(Not sure If I’ve ever told you that.)

Enhance Your View