Do you include Window cleaning in the price of a House Wash?

When you price a house for washing does it include the windows or are windows a seperate charge. Looking to put togeather a
"Package" including house wash, window cleaning, screen cleaning, gutter whitening and up to 500 square feet of PWing (front porch and driveway). Starting at $299 for 1500 square foot home / single story. How do you guys “package” a whole house[exterior only] cleaning??

I typically don’t like to set up “packages” when it comes to power washing homes because in my area every home is different, some homes a lot dirtier than others,different obstructions,I’ve noticed that even concrete differentiates in the way they lay it out and just because you have a driveway that’s 100’ deep and 10’ wide doesn’t mean it’ll clean up exactly the same way as the last driveway just because its concrete. Ill look at house and estimate how much time ill be spending on it and quote it that way. As for the windows I include the windows in my overall cost but I charge less for them since we already rinsed down the house it is easier to clean them up.
Hope this helps. G’luck.

For that package I’d go $349 for the cleaning services and for windows maybe a $99 exterior window cleaning special price. A home that size shouldn’t have too many windows and outside only is typically a walk in the park

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central, Mass
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$349 with window cleaning included?? or 349 + 99 for windows?? anyhow, when you bid a house wash is it a given that cleaning the window is included in the price??


most guys don’t include window cleaning as a part of house washing service. a lot of pressure washers are setting up wfp/pure water systems and up-selling window cleaning as an add-on.

$349 then 99 for the windows… When power washing it’s best for $$$ to use the windows as an add on

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Thanks guys!!!