Do you know of any window cleaning routes for sale in Southern CA?

Looking to get into the business for the first time.

Scott you may want to try and ask a local business broker or start building a route up yourself.

Jump in with both feet man!

Get your tools and equipment here. Use for your cards, and hit the streets. Don’t give up-----------EVER!

That’s how to “Buy” a route in SoCal, right Larry?

How the hell should I know, Bert? I’m in NorCal. :smiley:

Hi Scott, My name is Eduardo you can give me a call or email me at [email protected]. My Cell is 949.842.2964.

Try craigslist i have seen several business for sale there in the last few months.

For a fee I will help you start a window cleaning route .

How much can you afford to pay?

I could probably rustle you up a couple hundred residential clients in a couple months, if you’re interested, depending on your budget.

I MAY be selling my window cleaning business in San Diego.
Not because I want to get out of the biz, I’ve put my heart and sole into my little business and love it more than anything however I MAY be moving out of state (for personal reasons). The only way I’d sell it is if it’s to someone I really trust with my baby, and if I do infact end up moving.
Please feel free to PM me or shoot me an email [email protected]

How would you do that Kevin. What does a couple of hundred residential customers cost?
thx GP