Do you need a different technique for old rubbers?

I feel like every time I use a rubber longer than a day it begins to bleed on me like crazy and loses that sharpness and glide. Is this my technique? Is it my rubber? I know guys say a rubber should last you around 2 weeks but I find I get terrible results unless it’s completely fresh. For context, I use Ettore rubber inside of an unger ninja. It gets better when I flip the rubber to the otherside but then after another day it starts to bleed. Also sometimes I cut the rubbers a little angled could this be causing the massive amounts of bleed I’m getting. Any Input is appreciated.

Who says that ? Someone who’s not cleaning much . Know one can tell you how long a runner should last. It all depends on how much glass you clean.
If your rubber is shot after a day of clesning , then you made some good money … flip it over an go make some more money. It’s done when it’s done.

I went to culinary school , the biggest Question when’s it done. It’s done when it’s done. They use internal temps to tell when it’s cooked to where it needs to be. with thermometers for internal temps. Never by time , because ovens aren’t the same.

So , a rubber is done when it’s done. First thing that usually goes on the rubber are the ends. Feel the ends for sharpness.

When A chef gets good at his craft … real good chefs can feel meats , and tell when it’s at the desired doneness so speak.

You should be able to feel your rubber and know when it’s shot , plus it will stop performing properly.


Dont do that.


This thread…

I don’t think cutting the rubber to an angle makes a difference. Might make it worse, dunno.
Two weeks with an Ettore rubber is about right for me, used every day, 2-3 houses a day.
Bleed can also be technique, ie: not a good angle of rubber on glass. I change rubbers when they don’t work the way I want them to. They are not expensive.

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Is it bleeding from the edges?
Not enough soap maybe, could be weather conditions, I have found when the outside temperature is around the same as the due point, throw in some humidity and that will cause bleeds.


No bleeding straight down the middle. Could be my angle. What is the proper angle?

Bent channel?

To cover your ass in the meantime, try pressing down harder during the clear/squeegeeing off.

  • If your channel is bent, pressing down harder might help (short term/ fix)
    Squeegee rubber is pliable, metal (channel) is not

I do strictly commercial low-rise route work. Depending on the number of jobs I do each day and how big they are, I can go through between 1-3 rubbers.

The best technique for older rubbers is throwing them away and using a new rubber.

I’ve had the best luck running this technique.