Do you offer different packages for gutter cleaning?

This has been my first year and I’m heading into my first fall season. Which means gutters gutters gutters! I’ve done a few gutter cleanings already but was curious if you folks on here offer your customers different pricing levels for different levels of clean?

I’ve found people never want to spend what gutter cleaning is worth so perhaps a cheaper option will mean more quotes accepted but also less time spent on them making it worthwhile.

I was thinking of perhaps…

Basic Clean - Removal of debris, downspout flushing and ensuring downspouts flow properly. There would be some things left behind like shingle grit and a bit of dirty water due to un-level gutter lengths.

Deluxe Clean - The same as above but also flushing all runs of gutters with a hose to make them look pristine. Seems a tad unnecessary as long as your downspouts flow and large debris is cleared, however I know some clients would want this option. Flushing out the gutters definitely takes a good chunk of time I find and needing to walk the roof to do so makes it something I’m not overly keen about. Are there other ways to do this? I’d imagine some sort of extension pole for a hose could be useful here?

Maybe there are other package options? Curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

Gutters serve a purpose, to channel water runoff from the roof to the downspouts. Clogged gutters do not perform this function. Okay, that is the simple understanding of it.

Now, most times people don’t get their gutters cleaned unless they are no longer functioning from neglect. “Why should I pay for gutter cleaning if they seem to be draining?” Good point, but they may be draining less efficiently than they should and the next shedding of the trees will pile on top of what is there and now you have a more compound issue. I won’t get up there and clean that out for the minimum. Even one season of leafs falling and you can have a hefty issue to scoop out and bag up. I don’t just throw the debris on the lawn or driveway, I bag it and put it in the trash. So often when I am called to clean out the gutters they are pouring over the top when it rains, plants are growing out them, and over stuffed leaves are visible by just looking up at them. Digging that stuff out and discovering decaying vegetation, a thick layer of mud with worms, ants, and roaches turns into a messy job - not to mention having to climb on the roof, make several ladder sets, and sharp edges and too of long screws holding parts together ripping your gloves and skin.

I said all of that to reiterate this - I won’t do it for the minimum. There is plenty of “HOME ADVISOR” and “THUMBTACK” suggestions that 50¢ to $1 per foot is normal; normal for who?! Perhaps a simple job of gutter maintenance clean where often minimal debris is cleaned out before the next season to clog up the works, but not for what I see as normal requests. Then the added burden of clearing out clogged down spouts, that moves the price North. Several times I have had to dismantle the downspout to get it cleared. Now there is also smeared mud and debris on the surface of the gutters from your hands - can’t leave it like that - 50¢ to $1 per foot just does not cut it.

Charge accordingly. Oh yea, do you use your lopers to trim tree branches from hangin the gutter? To do a proper job you should clear those out of the way. Don’t get me started on the fact that pine trees shed almost all year long, and accumulated leaves piled up on the V of the roof angle so when it rains that gets shoved into the gutter - have to bag that up too - adds to the price.

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I offer 3 different packages for gutter cleaning, each adds a little more to the service… currently priced at $175, $199, $249


What does each package include in your three tiers?

another really simple solution…if you’re a window cleaner concentrate on window cleaning. at least here gutter cleanout and fall window cleaning are the same season. i got rid of gutter cleaning and am happier for it.
if you are going to do it pricing for base clean out, add for flush, add for badly plugged downspouts, add for excessive amounts.
eave cleanout is basic yearly maintenance and most customers i had were regular once or twice per year.