Do you read these magazines?

On the AUWC forum there was a question asked about LLC’s and S-corporation’s and what the differece was etc. In this Months issue of INC. magazine this topic was discussed and was very informative.

I subscribe to both INC. and Fast Company magazines and have found them both to be really great tools in running and growing my business as well as being entertaining and informative. If you don’t get these magazines I highly recommend looking into it. I think they are very valuable tools for a business owner.

You can find some really great info. at the INC. website too.

Just thought I throw this out there for anyone who may be looking for more resources for their business.

I used to subscribe to both, but couldn’t keep up with all the reading amongst my various other subscriptions (print and electronic) and books (bidnez and pleasure.)

I will not renew my subscription for this very reason. I really like the mags, but they just sit there for months.

Speaking of magazines, Has anyone ever read The Sun Magazine? It’s not WC related. Advertisement free, subscriber supported. It’s a bunch of great photos,short stories, poems, and letters.


I find it hard to get to the magazines i get in the mail which is only a couple. However, this time of year I have a lot of extra time to catch up on them. i always make time to read Inc and Fast Company though. I find that each time I read them I get a piece of very helpful information that I can apply to my business.

By far my favourite part af Inc magazine is Street Smarts by Norm Brodsky. Have you read his book that came out recently?
I am halfway through it and have felt inspired and uncomfortable as he points out ussues that I struggle with.