Do you use products for screens?

Curious to what products if any you use for screens that are faded/discolored and not just dirty.

Example the screen below, one side is faded and looks worn, the other side is freshly done.

Nylon screen their fading is due to sun damage the next step from this is deterioration, IMO the right part of that screen should be replaced.


Yup when it gets white next step is it getting torn. So your product should be a new screen at $25 - $35 bucks.

It’s good money since it might take you ten minutes.


They don’t make two opening screens where I come from. That would be a spreader bar running vertically in the middle but one piece of mesh for the whole screen.

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Weather beaten screens aren’t long for this world. Up-sell for screen mesh replacement; often times the corners are deteriorating too, so add those in; if the frames are getting bad then replace those as well. Up-sell…Up-sell…Up-sell.


Exactly what all of these guys said. There is no way to restore these without replacing the mesh material. This is how I upaell all day long.

I hate making screens but they have also helped me get window cleaning jobs!!

Your local ace hardware can get you an awesome business discount vs any box store. I highly recommend starting there for repair items.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks guys, I did go the screen repair route but this customer didn’t want to replace their screens at the moment, I mentioned they’d likely start to deteriorate soon but they had around 8 screens like this and weren’t willing to spend the extra before Christmas.
I said I could recolour them temporarily and they’re fine with the results, have booked them in again in 2 months so I’ll probably try again then on replacing them :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had to do it a couple of times in the past where customers don’t want to replace the screens but just want something doing to cover it and though not it’s intended purpose this stuff works perfectly for recolouring the screens back to black, I usually clean with screen magic and then give it a light pass on the affected parts :stuck_out_tongue:


And when you run your hand it what occurs? I would hate to find out I open window, my kids rubs hands on screen, not only tears it but gets that substance on hands and licks fingers…

Have you tested this theory?

This is all my opinion, thank you.

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…Where do you get your screen corners? My local hardware stores only carry one
style, but there are many different types that I come across needing replacement.

Your local ace hardware or true value can order almost every style.

Any other you can find online or through manufacture catologue

Mostly Home Depot, but there is an aluminum and window service company not far from me that carries many different styles.

It dries pretty quickly and I give it a rub down before putting it back up and have not had any excess the few times I’ve done it, it has always been a temporary measure usually followed by replacement a few months down the line. I tested it out before I ever used it on someone elses screens just to see if it’d work as a “quick fix” :stuck_out_tongue:

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When using the dye does rain wash it off, must eventually. If so could stain white vinyl frames and sills.

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So far no, it claims to be waterproof since it’s used on shoes and is supposed to seal them. I did spray my test screen with water and also a few different screen cleaning products and it didn’t come off after it had dried but then it is very dry in Arizona, a more humid place might not dry as fast and run if it gets water on it.

Black spray paint…


When screens are in that condition just upsell rescreening.

The upsell of re screening is a Great and pretty profitable add-on service.

Your working to hard trying to make the screen look good with polish or whatever.


Indeed. I can’t imagine it is less labor to carefully smear dye all over the delicate old screen mesh than to just replace it entirely.

If any customer tries to steer you that route, just quote them 25 bucks for mesh replacement, and 35 for the shoe polish.

P.S. Do not use screen magic. Ever.


All I could think is… :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::man_facepalming:

Yes it would way easier and more profitable to just rescreen the frame.