Does anybody use the Garndner Super Lite?

Another reason RHG is the industry leader in wfp! Way to step up Shawn!

Just so everyone knows. The reason you cant buy a Gardiner Modular in anything less than 35’ is that it is not the manufacturer’s intended use. It is meant to be used at 35’ minimum. So even when you are looking at a 56’ and think I can use it down to a 6’ section you can’t. That is where you grab your sectional and go to work.

It is really a commercial high rise pole not residential or anything (even pool shooting) at less than 35’.

I am glad to know that! I was pretty close to getting one to use for residential… I would have been off the mark apparently.

Now as for pool shooting: WHAT?! I think that Larry and I are missing something because I can’t imagine what a WFP would be used for in a POOL tournament, let alone to shoot from “next door”.

I’m not really a pool player, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where window cleaning tools mix with the game of pool (if I’m reading it correct anyway…)

““yea I took 4 sections to a pool tournament and was able to play from next door,that was not the issue manufacture wont take care of me but Shawn is
so Im not out any $””—“Bonemeal”

This is what tat is in reference to :slight_smile:

I think it was sarcasm at its finest :slight_smile:

I think you would be better served to look at the new Gardiner SLX. It is a sectional that collapses into itself. Its stored height is 5’ and will reach 35’ working height and weighs 4 lbs. It will replace the old SLX (which I own) and should be an awesome pole. You can buy one right here from WCR