Does anyone ever use a battery operated polisher for nasty glass?

Just wondering if anyone uses this on windows covered in silicone amongst other things. Seems like it would be better then scrubbing by hand with magic erasers on the big windows with lots of spots, especially on houses with 60+ panes. What kind of pad would you use?

For what? Just general cleaning? No. For scratch repair I use a corded polisher…

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I was thinking for silicone. I get some houses around here that have at least 4-5 silicone spots that need to be scraped a bit then removed by hand with a magic eraser. Gets extremely hard on the wrist/hand when doing this on every pane for a whole house. Looking for a better way

One of the quickest ways of doing it. I use a small 1 1/2 scraper for spots and damp microfiber towel and follow up with a dry magic easier if need be.

Here’s a great video from Caleb…

A machine will heat up the silicone a smear it every where.