Does anyone have a mobile water tank system?

Hello I live in Utah and the water lines here freeze up pretty quick so I wanted to do a mobile set up. With a 100 gallon tank or minimum 65 gallon. Plus use a electric or cordless pressure washer. Do any of you have something similar with a xero pure system? (If you use gas/deseil pressure washer. That’s fine too, just want input and set up advice)

Ps I just do solar panels. Mainly residential but some commercial too

i have an e250 with a 1000 litre tank, 2 pumps 2 poles, propane water heater for when it starts to freeze.

I have a 125gal tank on a trailer that I use for a softwash / buffer tank for my pressure washer. I plan to add xero pure in the near future. I don’t travel with any liquids in the tanks. I would like to maybe get a bed rig setup in my tacoma. Hauling around a 12’ trailer can be a pain sometimes…

What part of Utah? When it gets cold we move around the buildings with the sun and don’t start 8am. Las Vegas does not get too nasty but Mount Charleston is like Utah. The school has a snow blower on the roof!

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