Does anyone have a preferred stock photography site?

I’m looking at a site called iStockPhoto and it’s not bad I want to get some back grounds and some pics for flyers and it’s pretty amazing what they offer. Usually I just steal some crappy pics from the net and no back grounds but now I’m trying to use photoshop so I need 300dpi I guess.

I’m thinking if I buy all the back grounds and pics then all I have to is text, I don’t have to build anything and it’ll 10x better… in theory anyway.

If anyone has bought backgrounds what rez do you order? Hi rez is about $15 a background but if it’s rastor image does it matter? I can’t post on their forums till I buy some pics that’s why I’m posting here first.

I’ve purchased from istock many times for my graphics business. I have alway purchased the largest resolution as I can. You can always downsize the photo but trying to upsize a lo-res photo always turns out bad. Good luck with your project.

Yea I use istock quite a bit, endless amounts of good stuff…

Yeah I’ve been seeing pictures at Istock that I remember seeing on several websites from people on this forum. I bought some credits, didn’t buy any pics yet but someone told me there is an option to see the optimal picture size in inches rather then pixels so that makes things much easier.