Does anyone have a window cleaning blog? What topics have you found to write about?

So I have a window cleaning blog. But I’m having trouble deciding what to write about. I’ve written about 6 topics so far about pricing and helping others start a business from scratch. I’m kind of stuck now though. What topics do you think would be good to write about?

Thanks yall!

What is the purpose of your blog? To educate window cleaners or for SEO for yourself?

I would say both. I want to educate window cleaners but at the same time for SEO improvements.

Thats a bit of an issue - - window cleaners type completely different phrases into Google than their customers, so you can very easily get caught in the trap of aiming for two targets & missing both.

Choose your audience, decide the purpose of your blog, research appropriate keywords & write with that focus in mind…


That makes sense, well I guess I would be focusing on SEO than since at this moment that’s more important.

In that case write about upcoming projects, or recently completed projects that are interesting - maybe mention seasonal specials like gutter cleaning in fall & pressure washing in spring - if you’re expanding into new areas write a blog about that subject & mention a few of the local place names.

In every blog be aware of both your service keywords (window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter whitening etc etc) AND your geographical keywords (Names of towns & cities in your service area) - but be careful not to spam keywords. Use each specific phrase no more than once every 150 words on average.

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Here is mine. It could certainly be done better but it works.


You got some pretty good topics! I actually really like the way your blog is formed. Very informative. I could see that helping a customer a lot. Have you found that this has helped you in the aspect of SEO?


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