Does anyone require homeowners to remove screens prior to you coming?

Hey guys so I was toying with the idea of requiring homeowners to remove the screens prior to our arrival. Does anyone do this ? Is this something that can work or do you think it will turn too many potential customers off? My
Theory is screens usually add the most time having to remove and re-install them a lot of them are a PITA to deal with and they have the biggest potential for something breaking. It would simplify everything if we could just show up clean glass and leave. Even if they wanted screens cleaned fine but they would already be removed, we will clean them and set them aside for them to re-install. So what do you guys think? Is this possible?

For Exterior only … Yes !

For Interior/Exterior I wouldn’t do it . It’s part of the job. Certainly don’t do it to the higher end Holmes. The last thing they want to do is take there screens out An re-install them
Also if you take them out you know where they go back in. If they take them out they’ll mix them up.

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In my experience, some (not many) offer to remove their screens beforehand for us. I actually don’t want them to do anything except relax, give me space to do my work, and pay me at the end. That’s it. As Majestic mentioned, they usually don’t mark them or they have difficulties removing and re installing them. So as a professional, I assume the time needed into my bid. BUT… that’s just me, and you are your own ruler of your business model. So figure out what your clients feels happy with, which will eventually be what your going to be doing. Good luck Window Cleaning brother!

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I don’t require them to remove screens but I am not reluctant to ask for assistance with troublesome screens. I tell them that I don’t want to damage their screens and they understand. Once when an owner accidentally tore the old and dry plastic grab tab off he said “I bet you’r glad I did that instead of you” and we had a good laugh.

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If the job is exterior only and the screens attach from the inside then yes, otherwise it is part of the job.

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In my area people hire a a window cleaner and they want it all done, tracks frames screens and glass, I would have to say ever single customer or potential customer asks if I do the tracks and screens.

Many screens here can only be removed from the inside by lifting out the windows then removing the screen, these windows are not all that light about 60% of my customers are around the retirement age. I would not ask my customers to remove screens. I bought a screen cleaner and now just add it to the price while before I was just dusting them off for free. The more you do the more you can charge really, if you want to be the guy that does the least, you might also be the guy with the least work.


I have some costumers that would do it if I asked but the customers who are my target market would not go for ke asking them to remove the screens. They are looking to pay someone t9 handle everything for them. That’s the main reason they hire me because they know they can trust men to do the job without having to look over my shoulder. They want to just be ablebt9 make one phone call, email, or text and they dint have to think about it again. Often times they are not even home when I do the job.

I wouldn’t think about asking them to do anything.

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I don’t ask. To me it’s just part of the job. I don’t even offer a cheaper price if they do it. Screens can be a PITA for sure but I charge enough to alleviate my suffering.

Agree that’s all part of our job/work.
You will always have screens that can be a pain in the x!$$ to get out or put in.
Nearly like getting an oil change they ask you to drain the oil and put the sump plug in.:roll_eyes::open_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So they can put the oil in.:roll_eyes::smile:
Don’t think it would go like that.

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Good Lord no. I couldn’t begin to imagine the feedback I’d get.

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That stuff ruins windows

The OP is from 2019, about a year before the game changed.

We always offered 2 prices for exterior window cleaning… one if they removed the screens themselves, and another if we did it.

Enter: Covid. Man, nobody wanted anyone in their house,. Everyone removed their own screens. Profit city there.


Personally, if they pay me to clean the screens I take them out, Clean them and then put them back up.

Now if they don’t want to pay for the screens to be cleaned I write in my quote that they must be down prior to cleaning or a surcharge will be applied.

Most people go with the cleaning!

For exterior only jobs I request they remove the screens themselves and bring them outside to wash. I do quite a few exterior only’s combined with house washing.

Once in a blue moon someone isn’t equipped to remove the screens themselves. So I’ll charge a bit more for removing & replacing them.

Inside & out jobs, I just handle all the screens myself. They get the full service treatment.


I just had a lady who wanted the outsides cleaned of her double hungs but she has storms and screens which would mean removing storms & screens and cleaning the outsides. She also insinuated she wanted the sills deep cleaned…

Who wants that kind of service? lol

I charged extra for screen removal but didn’t catch that she said she had storms until later when I reread her message. I turned down the job.

Maybe I should’ve just charged extra for storms removal??

But earlier this week a storm panel fell on my hand and I don’t want anything to do with storms (at least this year). Also my wfp leaked water through one of her windows and I had the pleasure of explaining to her what I meant when I said “basic wipe down of sills.”

What is up with people wanting their sills deep cleaned?

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We offer different pricing for exteriors if they remove the screens / we remove them.

Deep sill cleaning - used to be a HUGE issue for us. We tried everything, charging extra, explaining, explaining, explaining.

Now we put it right in our line item description “Deep sill cleaning is not available”, and it seems to work. If someone asks, we tell them that’s more of a job for housekeepers, and we can spend hours deep cleaning sills, which the customer would pay $150 an hour for.

Our explanation now is that we will give the sill a swipe with a wet rag. Period. Nothing more, nothing less.

We also don’t do exterior only on storms, they never turn out right.

I actually landed a job in your town this week because of this. Their former company charged extra for sill cleaning, and then didn’t do it. I simply said “We don’t even open casements unless we have to”.

TBH, I don’t know of a reputable company in our area who does deep sill cleaning, and I’ve definitely asked around.

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