Does anyone use a Wagtail?

Does anyone use a Wagtail?

Fantastic tool for pole work. So much quicker.

yes i do, but tell me more?

You can see a video here…

They don’t post the code so unfortunately I cant embed the video.

It takes a little getting used to but once you have the hang of it you can fly along with a pole fanning the top half of shop windows as quickly as you would the bottoms.

I use it with an angle adaptor pointing slighlty upwards.

How do you get on with it? Do you use the Flipper?

I old version, I couldn’t get on with it - to tell the truth it looked & felt flimsy. I’d rather use my own channels & scrubbers with the procurve. Talking of which - I’ve just received the new Procurve easy lock. What a joy!

Whats a flipper?

oh mark you sound so clever

oh mark you sound so clever


…anyway as I was saying…

Here’s a video of the wagtail in use. the video is not great quality but you get the idea.


I have a wagtail, the plastic version. It started to fall apart the first day of use. I understand there is an aluminum version that’s sturdier.
Not to knock the window cleaner in the youtube video, but I’m pretty sure I could do a good job on that one window in less than 1:05.

I don’t think I see the advantage either…

I guess everyone has their own preferences. If the window was a little lower I’d just do it without a pole.

You can’t tell from the video very well, but the window is a good few inches out of reach for me without a pole and I don’t have a 30" applicator or blade.

I find fanning to be much quicker than doing straight pulls though.


If I couldn’t reach it, I’d probably do the “fan” across the top and cut in the top with the squeegee on the end of my pole to begin, and then finish the bottom.

As you said, though, preference only.

Take a look at and after viewing lets set up a race! We are banned from entering the world squeegee speed records for window cleaning, I wonder why!

Willie Erken
Wagtail Cleaning Tools

I hate to be so picky, but the demonstration of that first window being cleaned is quite flawed. (triangle shaped window)
• When wetting the window, the scrubber misses the top corner of the window, bottom left corner of the window, bottom right corner and a 2 foot section along the bottom near the middle. A few inches are still dry. Plus, this is a simple wetting not a scrubbing. No indication on how well it would do with a first time clean. (Keep your ladder on stand by)

• When squeegeeing, again the corners of the windows are missed.

I’m not knocking the tool because I’ve never used one. But when a video demonstration makes a claim it should be able to back this up by visual evidence.

Also, demos showing just the squeegee don’t seem to demonstrate their benefits greater than using a normal swivel squeegee handle. Or am I missing something?

I’d have to echo the other comments.

I think it would be faster to use a swivel squeegee, like the 30 and do a side pull along the top or two and then fan the rest of the window.

Wagtail, Wagtail, Wagtail – that’s all anyone is talking about and I’m tired of it.

Can’t we ever talk


Hey Larry,

I’m keen to know more a

(sorry Larry, ò is as close as I can get on my keyboard)

The Flipper is our best tool but it has evolved and unfortunately Windows 101 does not have the latest tool. The latest and best Flipper has binding on both sides so that it easily slides into the plastic channel and then clips onto your squeegee. Then it is both an effective scrubber and most importantly provides extra glide for the squeegee action. Check out

Willie Erken

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