Does it matter what side of glass the manufacture stamp is on tempered windows

It seems I’ve observed this etched stamp typically between the panes.

Should it be?

I believe there are certain side that need to be #2 and #3 sides.

These are Old Castle windows, with many existing scratches curious if it may be caused by the glass facing wrong way?

It’s old castle. It comes off the line pre-scratched for your convenience.

If it isn’t already scratched, breathe on it and that’ll get you the scratches you want.


From your lips to Gods ears.

@anon46335951 you ought to call Old Crapstle and see what they say.


Jeff this article should help.

It’s a simple article but its good information.


Thanks, that’s the same article I found on Fields site.

Seems doesn’t matter which side is facing which but to identify the roller side, which may contain fabricating debris is huge.

I think that’s what happened to these windows every window with roller side facing out was scraped and blade dislodged the debris scratching them

Learning stuff everyday.

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Don’t forget if you use a blade on that side with FD then its likely the FD will adhere to your blade causing damage to the non roller side as well.

Yes it appears that’s probably what happened to the company prior to me.

There is clearly a slight texture or roughness to the ones that seem to be flipped.

Those two are the ones that have majority of scratches already

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