Does It Matter?

What color paper do you use for flyers?

Last year I used yellow paper. I didn’t really put out that many flyers but had a really busy year.

This year I’m thinking about just using white paper since it won’t look like a flyer. They may think it’s an important news letter or something along those lines.

So what do you think? Does white paper make you look cheap? Is it just as effective as colored paper?

Of course it’s what’s written on the paper that really counts the most but is white paper just as effective as colored paper?

This is something I test over and over. I have not noticed a significant difference in response. I did notice slightly less response using any of the green or blue family.

Since there are so many variations of colors I like to print one in that color and read it. Sometimes the color is hard on the eyes while reading. If it is hard on me I dump it because they will not struggle for 1 second on it.

Last fall I bought a variety pack (multiple colours) and printed the same flyer and distributed them out to 500 houses. Pink pulled in the best followed by yellow. The gist of the flyer was a flat rate deal for exterior cleaning. Overall response was around 3-4%.

Have you posted that flier for all to see? :smiley:
3-4% (15-20 customers) is great, I’d like to see your flier!

Well if you did 3-4% I would be taking that exact flier and putting out 5000. That response is incredibly hard to get.

Pink and yellow pulled best for me too

I wonder if going to the library and getting a book on Marketing can tell you what colors of paper would be most affective? They’re supposed to be the experts.

I double checked the numbers yesterday and it was only around 2.5%. It was a flat rate window cleaning deal and I only used this one when business was slow. I got a few gutter cleaning jobs out of it instead with a few customers which I guess inflated the percentage.

In 08 I sent out 3000 flyers in Yellow with Black Print, 5000 in Blue with Black Print, and so far this year 2500 in Pink with Black Print. All of them got me between 1-2 per cent.

I dont think color is a motivating factor in getting people to call, although I’m sure we will always be trying new colors just to see if there is an edge one way or the other.

I think that when someone calls, we need to do all we can to convert them to a sale. Go out there and show them what you can do for them and let your great personality shine through!! If you dont have a great personality, work on it.

In this business we not only need to be great window cleaner’s, but also we need to be superior salesman. Otherwise, people will just go for the lowest price.


I think I’ll try the pink paper in hopes that the ladies will be more likely to read it and then nagg their husbands to agree to have the windows and gutters cleaned and the house power washed.

I haven’t ever been big on flyering but in the past yellow paper is what I’ve used. I’m gonna put out a lot more flyers this year since the economy is down. Maybe the pink color will work well.

My whole line of thinking when it comes to colour has nothing to with it making them more likely to call. It is as you stated, gets the ladies attention. :wink:

I did a test one time last year where I fliered a street then used Bell website to get the phone numbers of those who lived there and did a follow up call a couple of days later. Almost every person I spoke with told me they didn’t even remember getting my flier. (it was blue at the time) Having received more calls from the pink ones lets me believe that it will at least catch a few more peoples eyes.

To clarify: I don’t believe colour in itself sells, but some colours attract the eyes more than others. What sells is your offer.

I would have to agree with that!

When I started in the business I figured that one of the most inexpensive ways to attract business was going to be flyers. I started with yellow flyers that advertised a flat rate per window and I got some response, but it wasn’t great. After awhile I decided to offer a flat rate per 20 regular windows still using yellow and my response was great. I also found that people where holding on to the flyer and calling weeks after I flyered that particular area. A printing mistake got me stuck with 2000 plain white flyers and I droped in response for the weeks that followed.

For the past year however I started using full color double sided Post Cards at a price of about 4 cents ea. It saved me time and money and people like them better, it looks a lot more professional too.

For the post cards I use It used to be $199 per 5000 and they just drop the price to $169 per 5000. Their turn around is about a week and if you need help with design they’ll take care of it for you for a fee.

To summarize I would say (1) stick to color, (2) whats in the flyer is going to be key to the success of your efforts and (3) consider full color post cards.

Good luck to you!

Thanks for the helpful input Photocheff! I just got back from Office Max and had 1000 PINK flyers printed out to distribute this week. Yellow was fine but I’m trying out pink with what I feel is my best flyer message thus far.

As I already stated I don’t usually do a lot of flyering. I mix it up with Yellow Page add, website, truck signs, hats & T-shirts (my uniform), business cards, flyers, and word of mouth from customers over the past 4 years.

This year I’m beefing it up to make sure I survive the economic storm. Yeah man!!! I’ll be doin’ some o’ them double sided post cards too! Thanks for the postcard link!