Does someone make a strap for BOAB?

Saw a local window cleaner with a orange bucket on a belt but it had a strap on the bottom of it to hold it straight. Anyone know who makes that bucket or know who makes one of those straps?

Why not ask the window cleaner?

Saw him while pumping gas one day. Didn’t really have a chance to.

Are you refering to a strap that holds the bottom of the BOAB to ones leg?

The orange model is probably the abc Orange line:

I know the Pulex Tubex models have both detachable and fixed loop models:

I have heard mostly negative things about those, due to issues related to spillage of solution.

Looks like a Pulex copy. Only found out recently that Pulex came with string as well, although I’ve never had it with the order. I don’t use them, they are right thigh slappers - hence the string I suspect.

window cleaning supplies sells the “Orange” product line. From BOAB to reugluar bucktes…all orange. I recently got a oragne bucket.

I believe that Larry is correct. The Orange BOAB appears to be an exact copy of the Pulex BOAB except for the color. Although I love most products their Orange Bucket On A Belt is not one of them.

I’ve got a Pulex detatchable BOAB and it hangs so low that it hits my leg and knee every step that I take. The string that ties to your leg only causes it to empty out liquid every time you bend over.

The modern version of the Unger BOAB does not have these problems for me. The Unger BOAB does not hang low and does not tilt over because it is attached to a pivoting connection that allows it to remain upright even when you stoop down low.

You can try it but I have both the modern Unger and the blue Pulex detachable and the Unger is far superior.

FWIW they both hold scrubbers and squeegees equally well.

Just my 2 cents!

I have found that the Pulex BOAB holds more regular channels in it’s pockets, but only tyle channel in each channel pocket…it’s 3 channels holders and a srubber holder.

I bought the pulex when it first came out…I hated it. Spilled water every where! I had to mod it because of how low it hung, now it’s great.

I got to Unger classics and not a lot of experience with them since I don’t clean a lot of windows, but isn’t point of it to hold water without spilling it ? If you tie it to your leg is going to replicate its movements and you’re killing the pivoting action risking to spill water, right?

Good concept to stop it from bouncing against your thigh splashing water by having it tied down to your leg, but realistically it’s the same problem. One of those innovations that’s not practical or really innovative at all.

I use my Unger 2003 model (non-Classic model) more as a washer/two-squeegee holder rather than as a means for holding solution. I use either a rectangular bucket (exterior) or a sprayer-on-a-belt or squeeze bottle (interior) for solution.

I do appreciate the pivoting action so that any solution doesn’t spill.

Its position at my side feels ergonomic (doesn’t hang too low.)

I have never tried a BOAB from any other manufacturer, though I made one for use with my hog’s hair brush.

Same here.

I have a Black Ettore boab. Just flops around all the time. How did you guys mod your buckets? Link to the one you use?

I did not modify my Unger BOAB. No floppage. All the WC’ing distributors carry them (and even some janitorial supplies.)

My Unger sprayer-on-a-belt:

I’ll send you a pic

Yep… In theory it sounds great. I have a few Orange BOABs that I bought becuase they were the cheapest. The strap was trivial to me and is not used.

A lot of the times it comes untied and is wrapped around your knee. Or it causes your bucket to spill down your leg when doing some ladder to tree to roof acrobatics. Or the straps get wet and continuously slap you in the leg as the bucket bangs your leg.

AKA “The Leg Banger”

That’s what we call em’:cool:

i use the pulex boab, but mine does not have the detachable clip i guess you could call it so its not so low for me. so far so good with it.

LOL, I hope you don’t really to that!

I’ve seen a pic of his hogger BOAB and it’s the bomb! You should post a pic Larry.

How are you doing, Tony?