Does the Ettore Superchannel suck, or is it me?

Picked up a 18" Ettore widebody superchannel, and it’s so darn stiff I leave patches on glass that has any contour to it. I bought it because my 18" brass channels felt a bit flexy. I can also use my ettore rubbers, and thought it would complement my Sorbo 24" well, but found it to be finicky and trickier to use than most squeegees. I feel like I have to apply a good amount of pressure compared to my other channels. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

Anyone else use the superchannel?

It’s junk, toss it

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i think luke the window cleaner us that style channel


super channel may look like a sorbo but its FAR from it, its crap, sorry, best wide body channel on he market is a sorbo all other copies are not as good.

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I think the slayer’s suck too but i can’t tell the difference between those and sorbo. But it’s probably just me - I’m not a wb fan.

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The 18 inch is junk. The channel is completely different from all other lenghts. I buy longer lengths and cut them down. Sounds crazy I know but ask @Chris.

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The longer length channel is on the left the 18 inch is on the right. You can see its got an even wider profile …its worthless.


I am not 100% stoked on my purchase. I just want a stiff 18 for restaurants, etc.

@Skipper I flex into the ends of my channels so that it doesn’t pop and splash into the sill. The rear end sometimes drags water, hence my picking up a superchannel. I guess it sucks.

Super channels suck compared to Sorbo . For 18" channels I don’t even like wide body channels.

I use Unger Ergo tech for anything under 20". That’s just me though not saying it’s right, wrong , or indifferent.

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I like my super channels for storefronts . Try a 22 and cut it down to 18 if you want.

Right on. It’s odd they made the 18" so different. Bummed they are junk…

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It is strange. I don’t see why they made that one particular size so different from all the others .