Does the HOT weather make you work slower?

After 3 hours in 90 degree heat, I felt I was going to pass out. I just kept drinking water and toweling off.

That’s why I’ve started my routes around 7am now. I did one yesterday where every thing was drying to quick. Used more water to keep windows wet. finally got outside done and went inside. AC was broke and it hotter inside the store then it was outside. At less it felt that way.

Staying hydrated is so important.

For some quick relief, keep a wet terry towel in a big inside your lunch cooler. Every time you get to a point were the heat is getting to you, pull out the towel and wipe your head neck, etc.

You would love Texas!:rolleyes:

It’s been mid 90’s here in Florida all week and the sun beating down…Here’s a tip to beat the heat! I bought one of those pop up tents for 99 bucks and I set it up and wash screens under it…makes a difference!

Today was the first hot day here, the weather before has been cool.

Today it broke a weather record for Toronto for this day. It hit 33 degrees, 91 Fahrenheit.

Last year when the heat hit hard and fast, I just drank a lot of water. Cut out the big meals and constant snacks and simply drink water. I lost 20 lbs in the month of June from sweating like an animal and drinking tons of water.

Oh and go to sleep early… if its possible

Did you cut out all the drinking of beer too? lol

at that time I did. I had no time for anything. but money was great! so I didn’t mind one bit.

Not even your girlfriend?

I’m a single man, been that way for a while. And diggin it.

I personally Dig the heat! When the heat is ON the $ Green$ is on:D

Some of you ought to come out my way like in July when it’s 112 to 118 degree’s and DRY HEAT,you’ll be ZAPPED in no time:cool:

Sorry; I thought I heard Chris mention someone on WCR Nation…

Haha. I remember that. That was a Chirs throw away comment in an attempt to bust my chops.

Back on track. I do enjoy working in the heat. It gets me in shape just as well as the gym. When I do work in the field, I usually pull rank and do the inside work :stuck_out_tongue:

90 degrees Fahrenheit = 32.2222222 degrees Celsius

AAAWWWW you poor things try Queensland in summer

40 degrees Celsius = 104 degrees Fahrenheit PLUS!

Is our average day, December, January temps

Keep hydrated, wear a hat, always always always wear sunscreen

I love the idea of the towel in the esky “Remind me about it when your winter comes around LOL”