Does this make sense?

So heres the deal, I put out about 1,000 fliers per month (on average) my first 10 months of business and have gratefully collected about $23,000 so far. Not all of this is directly from fliers of course, there were some from google or refs, and repeats.

I am going to go full time this year and and I want to make it BIG.

here is my thinking, No MATTER WHAT I will get out 5,000 fliers/postcards per month EVERY MONTH (I live in So Cal), that will be PRIORITY. I also have a lot of customers who I do twice a year now, some quarterlies and a lot of once per year customers.

Here is my question: To me it makes sense that if I send out 5 times as many fliers/postcards I should GROSS roughly 5 times as much, right?

If the numers play out like they did last year, I should be able to gross well over $110,000 between now and next year (I started sept 2007)

anybody see why not?

My sights are set and I am determined.

Do you have bandwidth for that much business? If not, what is your plan (i.e. hiring, etc.?)

I thought about mentioning that in my post, as of right now, no, I could not handle the work on my own, my plan is to book myself as close to solid as possible 2 weeks out, then I will hire a full timer, and more as needed. Right now I have 4 o 5 people that I can call to help me when needed on a part time basis.
Handling the work load does scare me a little, as I am 24 and still have a lot to learn abut a lot of things. but I am not going to let that stop me. worst case, I raise my rates and only accept the highest paying customers.

Just keep this in mind that flyers only have about a 1% return.

Postcards slighty higher if you have the post office deliver them.

You might want to try going door to door and soliciting. when i did that when i 1st went into business i would close about 85%.

what part of so cal are you in? I am in South Orange County.

Do you target a particular area when soliciting. What is your typical lines you say to the householder?

well in South OC i Target pretty much any house 3000 sf or above. But i have not advertised in over 2 years.

The last time i went door to door was back in 2003

Hi Doug, thats my name as well, and I am from North San Diego.
I saw you on some other website with your route for sale the other day I believe.

I do door to door sales on occasion, and an 85% close rate is spectacular, nice work! I was in door to door sales for years, and do as little as possible anymore if I can help it.
I understand the 1% return rate on fliers, I’ve averaged about a 2-3% return on the fliers that I am currently using, and about 60% of those I close. so to be safe I am figuring on a .75% return on the fliers. Most my jobs are over $250, and most get on schedule so those numbers are fine with me.

Hey there,
do a search on flyers and put in Crazy Cleaner.

I have seen the flyers and he states he gets much much higher return. Read all the info though.

I believe him very much, and have spoken to him on the phone, he is an honest fellow. Colour and pics will help the flyers get much better return.

ps. spell in US only down there and Canadian way up here… LOL - eh :stuck_out_tongue:


and yes I remeber reading about Erics amazing fliers success quite a while ago. I have had my fliers return about 10-12% in some areas at some times, however, that is NOT TYPICAL, it does happen, Eric is proof, but I would be foolish to COUNT on that.

Doug is a sweet name isnt it…

Yeah i did have my company up for sale, i was going to relocate to Montana, but that fell through, so i will be staying here in So cal…

Sorry to get WAY off topic, but…how are the waves in So Cal?

the waves are great here is So cal.

If you ever come to Orange County, go to Huntington or San Clemente.

Bigger waves in the winter months though

Well. glad you stayed, and thanks for the tips.

anybody else put out around 5k flies per month CONSISTENTLY?

85% of what? All homes you saw? All homes where someone answered the door? All homes where someone actually wanted a quote?

all homes that somebody answered the door larry

I vacationed in L.A. several years ago in the winter. It was funny. I was like one of the only guys walking on the beach. Californians don’t like their winters, but to a guy from Canada, the weather is great in the winter.

Have you trained your employees do go door to door? Don’t you run into problems with the big houses, not getting the decision maker at home, getting instead the maid, or nanny or something?

Where the heck did I put those boots…


It is getting deep…:rolleyes:

I dont have any employees…

I do not do door to door anymore, I did it when i 1st went into business so i could build up my database.

I actually have to turn work down now.