Doing research to create a Charlotte, NC window cleaning business

I recently moved to the Charlotte, NC area and decided to do research about create a window cleaning business, here. I’m looking forward to purchasing the Window Cleaning Marketing Blueprint, soon. I’m also considering getting a membership at and creating a business plan.

I am definitely going to do my research and see if there is a way in which I can differentiate myself.

As a child and teenager, I grew up cleaning windows with my parents. The business collapsed after their divorce after 20 years in business. It was such a shame. There can be a lot of money to be made in window cleaning.

I just wanted to introduce myself and say, “Hello!”. If I decide to create a window cleaning business in Charlotte, then I will be a contributor at this fantastic forum.


You might consider creating your business plan here:

It’s free!!!

The Small Business Administration website has a lot of free helpful stuff. Charlotte, NC local office website

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Dee! Thank you for the helpful information. That’s kind of you!

Welcome to the forum.

“Window cleaners marketing blue print” is a wise investment.

“Profit first” is also a great book.


I just checked out “Profit First” on Amazon. The top 2 reviews, right now, are from accountants. Very cool! I will read it! I appreciate the recommendation!

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I created an account with the SBA and I purchased the Kindle version of Profit First.

I wanted y’all to know that I’m taking action on your suggestions. Thank you, very much!


Hello and welcome to the forum!

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I have done a ton of research on Charlotte that will go to waste. We were looking to move down there last year.

PM me and I’ll share, as long as its window cleaning and not pressure washing.


Thank you for the kind words, HBM!


That is Awesome! It is not pressure washing, it’s going to be window cleaning, for certain.

Thank you!

I decided that I AM going to create a window cleaning business in Charlotte, NC. But before I start, I’m going to drive for Uber in Charlotte to make the money I need to fund my business. I’m going to start driving this Wednesday, June 7th.

Have any of y’all driven for Uber, Lyft or any other driving app?

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That should be a great way to get to know the area pretty fast.

True! Good point.