Domain Name Backordering - Any Luck?


We are in the process of starting up our window cleaning business. We have the perfect name, I am going to register the business with the state tomorrow. I wanted to register our domain name now, even if we don’t have a website for a little while. The name that I really want is taken, but supposedly expires in four days (July 30th). If you go to the site now, it is pretty much a generic page, no real business happening (sort of a landing page). The current owner registered the domain a few years back and it seems their venture didn’t work out. It is currently registered thru GoDaddy, that is where my other sites are registered. Godaddy offers a backordering service for 18.99 - but I have read some bad reviews. Plus after some research, I found out that a website doesn’t really expire for another 90 days or so after the so called expiration date. Has anyone had any luck backordering a really good name? I mean real good…really, really good. I have also read about registers retaining a good name, and then jacking up the price. Any insight would be much appreciated!

I’ve used their backordering system once, a year ago, for my MAIN domain name, which was held “hostage” for US Website Builders, poor company to say the least.
Guy that I bought my company from hired them to design his website, but he wasn’t smart enough to tell them that the domain name should be under his name, not theirs.

They wanted some money for the domain, I told to go to hell and placed a back order thru GoDaddy. You might get it back or not, there’s no guarantee, but if you really want it it’s worth the money.

And that’s true, after the domains is expired, is not available right away, which is a good thing if you ever forget to renew it, they give you some extra time to act before you loose it.

Ive had a few on back order for a while none have come through yet.

I would just build your site on a new domain, back order the other one if comes through great… But dont wait for it

I agree with Chris, the sooner you get started the better. Its easy enough to create a redirect for the older domain from your newer one later on…but the older the domain the better. Meanwhile…gotta have a website.

I backordered my name and it worked. If you do a search on WCR I explained it in depth on what happened…but just remember…the day it expires is not the day it becomes available to you…there is a grace period…a few weeks I think for the owner to renew it. But do what Chris said…dont wait…if you get it down the road you can route it to your already established website. Good luck

What you may think is the perfect name and what google thinks is perfect are two differant things.

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Check out that site it will generate differant names for you. This is not 1996 and companies who hold domain names make zero money. Here’s what you can do if you really really want the name. If the person who owns the DN now is the states then trade mark your company name. Send them a letter that they are in violation of the trademark and they will either release you the name or sell it to you are market value. You think someone back in 1995 did not think to buy Trump or Wal-Mart, Macys etc. Those large companies took lots of people to court and now if you have a trade mark on your name things go differantly for people who own your domain name. Now if they are out of the country your kind of screwed as they do not need to follow USA law. I looked into buying NJ lol Guy wanted $15 grand for the name. I was on the phone with him and just started to laugh really really loud. It was an obnoxious laugh getting louder and louder. I then asked him what it was like to live back in the mid-90’s then hung up. Back order almost never works out. There are rules to help pervent the lose of domain names now. Even auto renewal so it’s kind of a waste of time and in some cases money. If you get the name you would be lucky.